Hostess Codes


For online orders under €200.00/£150.00, if you add the Hostess Code that's showing to the right hand side, you will get a free gift from me after the end of the month,
once I've closed that Hostess Code and have ordered the gifts to send out.
If you order more than once in the same month,
please remember to quote this number each and every time
I will issue a new Hostess Code each month
and will let you know the date I'll be closing it.

It is really important that you note the following:-

a). Don’t use this code if your order
is over, €200.00/£150.00 otherwise you will lose the free gift you will already be entitled to choose

b). Don’t use this code if you have
set yourself as No Contact*

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Shopping with me just got better!
There are now three benefits I offer my online customers to show my appreciation for choosing me as their designated demonstrator.
Firstly, I always automatically send them a hard copy of new catalogues as and when they are launched.
Secondly, each month I like to send a Thank You card and a small gift to everyone who has shopped with me during the previous month.
Thirdly, if online customers allow me to contact them, they can use the Hostess Code and receive another free gift.
Unfortunately, for those online customers who tick No Contact, it really does mean no contact! However, you can change your mind!
Not sure if you ticked No Contact or not? Would like to check? The following instructions will allow you to remove the No Contact and check what details you supplied when you originally set up your account. It's very simple and straight forward and will only take a couple of minutes. Here we go:-
1). Log on to
2). Click Shop Now
3). Click Sign In
4). Type in your email address
5). Click My Account
6). Click My Demonstrator
7). Read the 2 questions and click Yes to Allow my demonstrator to contact me.........
8). Click Save.
On future orders, I'll be able to see your address and will allow me to send you catalogues and other little goodies!
Many thanks and happy crafting!

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