Friday, 14 September 2018

British Airways i360 - Brighton

Hello, Crafters.

There wasn't any crafting for me yesterday because I went

 out with hubby for the day. We were truly blessed with the

 weather, so warm and sunny and a fabulous blue sky! We 

took a drive down to Brighton, which is about forty 

miles aways on the south coast in Sussex! 
This is the doughnut on its way up!
We had tickets to go up the BA i360, which looks like a 

ring doughnut that fits round a very tall slim structure,

 and travels up and down. It gave us fabulous views 

over the English Channel, and both east and west along 

the Sussex coast, and then inland as far as the South Downs. 
This is the doughnut on ground level.
 The third photograph shows the burnt out remains of the 

smaller of two Brighton piers. Unfortunately the fire took

 such a strong hold, there wasn' anything the emergency

 services could do to save it! It was so tragic!

  The photographs I took while we were travelling in the 

doughnut are distorted by the reflection in the glass. We 

could see some flat rooves that have been painted, 

presumably after the i360 was built, but very colourful 

and a bit of fun.
 Towards the west side you can see a children's paddling

 pool and also a little sandy beach, too. The beach at 

Brighton is very stony, and the stones get smaller and 

smaller the further you walk into the sea.................but 

they're still painful on your feet!
The park is Regency Park and was built in the Regency

 times for the aristocrats to enjoy their new pastime - sitting

 by the sea!  As you can see by the grass, we have had

 a really superb summer, with nowhere enough rain water

 to keep the graas luscious and green! 
Underneath the park is a multi-level, car park.

The doughtnut is raised and lowered by one cable, which 

prompted me to ask what would stop the doughtnut

 from falling if the cable broke.
 Hubby explained about the braking system that would come

 into play immeditely in the highly unlikely case of 

that happening - dee the redcontaption just above

 the outside of the doughnut!
 This is the bar in the doughtnut which is manned

 by two BA hostesses

 Where you can see people standing is the level you get

 on the doughnut, but on your return you are taken 

down to the lower level to alight........straight into the gift

 shop! LOL! Then the doughnut goes up to the upper level 

and reloads for the next flight! Flights are every half an hour!
When we left the doughnut, we went and had a cup of

 tea, and sat watching a man creating absolutely HUGE

 bubbles - it was fascinating! Then we had a walk around

 part of the shops until we decided it was time 

for a fairly late lunch. 

As we were strolling back to car park, we saw a window

 cleaner, cleaning windows on the fifth floor using a 

squeegy mop with the longest handle ever! You can just

 about see the orange mop head! Amazing!

I hope you've enjoyed sharing the photographs of our day

 out yesterday! 

Today, I'll be back in my craft studio. 

Until tomorrow, happy crafting. 




  1. That looks like a fantastic adventure, would love to do it, glad you both had a great day

    1. Hi, Kaye. Yes we had a really super day and we were sooo blessed with the weather! It was amazing! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.

  2. Jan, thank you for such lovely pictures. I live in the USA, I have a granddaughter who lives and works in Brighton. August of 2017 I visited my daughter who lives in Hampshire. We had a few days in Brighton, and yes, we rode the i360! Brighton is such a lovely place.

    1. Hi, Patricia. My photographs must have brought back some wonderful memories! The i360 is definitely something I'd recommend to others! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.