Saturday, 4 August 2018

The Conservatory at the Bellagio

Hello, Crafters.

Today I'm sharing some of my photographs of the Bellagio 
Hotel Conservatory.
Photograph 1
   It's one of the big features of this hotel - and is free to 
vistors - and it currently has an Italian theme. 
Photograph 2
I'm sharing these photographs as there are some stunning
 lemons, made of flowers, which may provide some 
inspiration for our Lemon Zest Stamp Set! 
Photograph 3
I chatted with one of the gardners and he said the whole 
conservatory was changed every two months!
Photograph 4
 The lemons in the first three photographs are made 
with real flowers and the flowers are changed everyday!
Photograph 5 
 Photographs 4 and 5 show two of the gardeners
 replenishing the flowers of two lemons.
Photograph 6
There were more lemons hanging from the glass 
ceiling - photographs 6 - 7, but we couldn't quite make up 
our minds how they were made!
Photograph 7
Around the Conservatory, there were arches that had
 "lemons" growing over them like creepers (ivy-like).
See photograph 8 - top left-hand corner.
Photograph 8   
 This close up photograph 9 will give you a better
 idea of what I mean.
Photograph 9  
 We assume these lemons are man-made, probably 
plastic, and looks very attractive in real-life.
Photograph 10
 There are too many other beautiful creations in the 
Conservatory to be able to share with you, 
not least the "plate" with is made of rice,
 lentils butter beans etc.

Photograph 11

See photograph 11 for a close up of the upper-most figure 
of a cherubim; the white rim top and bottom rim are 
probably the easiest to identify as rice.
Photograph 12  
 I'm leaving you with a photograph of one of two swans
 on one of the water features; as well as looking stunning,
 they also move their heads to look from one side to another!

I hope you've enjoyed this little peep into the Conservatory 
at the Bellagio Hotel, and also given you some inspiration 
if you have our Lemon Zest Stamp Set!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. Wow Jan, that is amazing! What wonderful sculptures and creations made out of flowers and food. I could not believe the plate until you showed the close up. I haven't got the Lemon Zest Stamp set but I have seen many a project done with it and this has reminded me of them. I have though some DSP with Lemons, some with lime segments and some with orange segments that I could do something with. I will let you know how I get on Jan. TFS :O) xx

  2. This is amazing, thank you for sharing, wouldn't that be a fun job?