Thursday, 2 August 2018

More Alaskan Swaps

Hello, Crafters.

Today's cards are more swaps that were on the display boards 
on the Alaskan cruise.

 My favourite is the three pocket card that I think was made by 
Sonia Benedery from France. Although I can see her details on
 the back of her card in one of the photographs, I think it's 
too blurred to read correctly!
I assume Sonia makes one of these for her new recruits. I say
 this because the third "pocket" opens to show how 
demonstrators can progressup the ladder with Stampin' Up! 

Once I've worked out to make this triple-folder, I'm going to 
adopt Sonia's idea. I always send my new team members a copy
 of the Compensation Plan (i.e. how to earn money with SU).
 I also send a SU copyright stamp, because the company's Angel 
Policy says you must stamp all projects that include one of 
SU's images with the SU copyright sign if projects are to be sold. 

That's about it from me today. Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


1 comment:

  1. This is a fabulous card Jan you are so right, what a great idea for new members of your team. I was wondering about customers etc. knowing that they should stamp the 'stampin' up' logo/stamp if they are selling their projects with stampin' up images on them. How do they know about this policy? :O) xx