Sunday, 5 August 2018

Chocolate Daisy Lolly Video

Hello, Crafters.

We are more or less packed ready for our journey home
 tomorrow, and I'm happy that I have been able to post my 
Sunday video, albeit about twenty minutes late! Today's
 video shows how I made these delightful Chocolate Daisy
 Lollies which were my customer thank you
 gifts about six weeks ago.
 Although it's a very quick and easy project, I decided to share
 how I made them because I know a lot of crafters look for gift ideas
 like this as teacher gifts, table favours, and projects to
 sell at craft fairs. I must admit that I found it amazingly difficult to
 find "flat" lollipops that were suitable for grown-ups i.e. chocolate!
I doubt that I'll be posting here again until after I get back
 home, unless I have time to kill at the airport! Although 
I don't normally struggle with time-differences when I travel,
 I have had real problems this time!
 I think it's because we had to change our watches two or
 three times while on the Alaskan cruise - I think on the
 second occasion, I just gave up! LOL!
 Until next time, happy crafting!


1 comment:

  1. Thank you Jan for demonstrating to us crafters how you created the chocolate lolly box with the Daisy on the front. It looks so pretty in the both the colours but my preference would be 'Lovely Lipstick'. TFS :O) xx