Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Whale Watching & White Pass Railroad

Hello, Crafters.

I'm really struggling with the Internet onboard the ship, despite Hubby 
having bought me the top Internet package available.
 Therefore, I'll still post daily but Internet willing! On Sunday, we had a
 lovely day in Juneau which started with a tram ride up Mount Roberts.

 The weather was fanatastic, but we took plenty of layers with us as
advised. However, instead of putting layers on, we were taking 
layers off as far as possible! 

I estimate the temperature on Sunday and Monday was in the high
 eighties - my kind of weather, and I'm definitely not complaining!
 Late afternoon on Sunday we went whale-watching and were extremely 
fortunate to see a pod of eight orca whales, which included two calves! 

A short while later we saw some humpback whales and a sealion.

 A very successful trip! Yesterday we docked in Skagway and went on 
the White Pass & Yukon Route railroad as far as the US-Canadian border. 

The views were spectacular, made even more so with the sun 
and beautiful blue sky.

 On our return back down to Skagway, we took a walk downtown and
 wandered around the small but absolutely delightful little town.
We walked down one of the small side streets and found
 a pizzeria and Mexican restaurant.

The food was delicious and we finished dining by sharing a trio of
 ice-cream sundae! Scrummy!
As I have so many photographs to share, I'm putting the
 rest of the best in the Photo Gallery!

Tomorrow we have a day at sea and should be seeing the
 Tracy Arm  Fjord, but the captain has said he may have
 to take a slightly different route.

That's it from me today. Until tomorrow, happy crafting.



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  1. Love the pictures Jan, checked them all out in your photo gallery. Thank you so much for sharing, I hope you're enjoying your trip. Alaska is so beautiful!