Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Fussy-cutting Dry-embossed Cardstock

Hello, Crafters.

Not surprisingly, I couldn't leave the project I shared with you 
yesterday, alone! I told you I'd probably re-visit the technique 
but I was so surprised at how quickly I did revisit it! I feel I now
 have this technique it down to a fine art, and have made a 
video featuring it for tomorrow! 
 The first thing I did yesterday was to sort through my embossing
 folders and decide which designs might still look good after
 having been fussy-cut across the middle. These are the results!
 The most successful embossing folder, and the one I used
 for my video, is the Dynamic Hexagon.

 I've included close-up photographs of the cut edges, because
 on some of them they look very amatuerish! With this folder, 
the cut lines can hardly be seen! The colour is Coastal Cabana.
My second favourite is Seaside, and this is the only one I 
actually cut a different line for the top part - you can see 
by the difference between the two edges.

I probably only removed about three-quarters of an inch, but I wasn't
 happy with a line that met up with another one. The colour of the
 cardstock is Blackberry Bliss.
This is another sample with Blackberry Bliss as a background.
 I think the Dynamic Ruffled Embossing Folder is really 
gorgeous, but not particularly well-suited for this techique.

I wasn't particularly happy with the cut edges I finished up with, 
but I'm not sure it would have looked any nicer had I cut the
 "textured" part of the cardstock away either!
Although I quite like the look of the Quilted Top, when cut this way - I did it in two different ways! - but only from a distance. This is the embossing folder that I feel has amateurish looking results, especially when viewed close up!
They almost look like teeth! LOL! You can see I cut round
the outside of the circle on this embossed cardstock, but
 at times, the circle "flattened" out. The colour of 
this cardstock is Poppy Parade.
 This is another one where the resulting design is quite nice, 
but looks even more amateurish than the previous one!
This is my least favourite! I cut around the curved diamond shape
inside the circle, and like the first one, I kept getting straight edges.
  I had a lot of fun with this exercise yesterday, and I hope you've 
enjoyed seeing the results. I upgraded the design I had in my mind 
for my card swap after I'd finished working with this unnamed 
technique! I'm now halfway through making my 26 swaps, which
 I'll also be turning into a video today! After that, all I have left to do is
 a list of ingredients to go in with my swaps which will all be going
 into individual cello bags. Then just one more video and I'm set 
to pack for Alaska! This is why I'm called lastminute-dot-com!! ☺
That's about it from me today. Until tomorrow, happy crafting.

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  1. This is such an unusual way of backing a card Jan but I love it! I have been going through my embossing folders to see which ones will work and those that don't. I do like the hexagon though and sadly that is a folder I don't have in my stash. Never mind I will use another if and when I come to do this card design. Thank you for sharing it with us crafters. :O)