Saturday, 7 July 2018

Bunch of Blossoms

Hello, Crafters.

I had an excellent day yesterday working on ideas for the videos
 I need to get made before our trip to Alaska. I have five projects
 for the five videos I need while I'm away, and one for
 tomorrow's video, too. 

I have also designed my 3D project for swaps, which is one of the
 videos, and prepared the cardstock and die-cuts I need for 10
 out of a total of 26 I need to make.

 After I've made these videos, and the 3D swaps, all I'm left to
 do is to design and make the card front swaps, and also three 
videos for the last thirteen days before we go. If you say it really
 quickly it doesn't sound like much at all! LOL! 

Today's card is going to be a video but the finished card
 won't look  like this! It'll be similar, but not the same! I had an idea
 in my head, but wjhileI was working on it, I didn't think 
about the sizing of my cardstock. This resulted in the
 card front being too big for what I wanted to do with it. 
 Although this isn't the card for the video, I'm still pleased with
 how it turned out! The colour scheme for the card is Berry Burst,
 Granny Apple Green, and Sahara Sand, a great colour combo!

I love Stampin' Up! two- and three-step stamping stamps sets,
 and Bunch of Blossoms is excellent, one of the best! I cut out two
 Post It Note masks to use for the flower head as it's
 made up of three petals.

 I found that three complete petals were way too big for one 
flowerhead. Masking solved the problem brilliantly! Unusually 
for me, all the stamps I used for this card are from one stamp
 set - Bunch of Blossoms Stamp Set!

The only part of today's card that I'm not 100% happy with are the 
leaves. When I make the video, I won't use the outline stamp,
 I'll keep it to two-step stamping. The flower I've used to decorate
 inside the card was on my first card that I had to reject because I
managed to get some ink on it! Grrr!!
That's about it from me today. I hope you have a really super
 weekend, and until tomorrow, hapy crafting.


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