Friday, 20 July 2018

Boarding the ship

Hello, Crafters.

Everything today went like clockwork, and there were no long
 queues at any stage of the checking in process. We were on the 
ship by about 11.30am and found somewhere to get a
snack and a cup of tea.

 It was announced that our staterooms (cabins) were ready. We decided
 to go and see what our living quarters for the next seven days were
 like! Although the cabin is small, we have a balcony that we
 can seat on and have breakfast, weather permitting. 
 We had been warned that our luggage may not arrive until 8pm, so
 we weren't surprised that it wasn't here waiting for us, but this gave
 us the opportunity to unpack out hand luggage. 
Safety Procedure before setting sail - mandatory International Law
Then we decided to go down the the Stampers' Base Camp which is 
where we can win SU products - I won a 6"x6" pack of Regals
 Designer Series Paper! 

I dropped off my swaps, and picked up some chocolates bars and
 sweets that were on offer; I will definitely make sure I pop in
 there everyday! At 4.30 pm there was a Welcome Reception
 where there was live music, socilising and nibbles. 
We went back to our cabin and were pleased to see our luggage had
 arrived; so we wasted no time in getting our unpacking done and
 homes found for all our clothes and bits and pieces. 
This reminded me of one of our new Dynamic Embossing Folders: Tufted!
 We decided to go and get ourselves a quick bite to eat, and happened
 to come across a parade that we didn't know was in the program! 
It lasted about fifteen minutes and was a bit of fun. 
 After our quick snack, we went to the casino, and I called it a day
 when I had three dollars more than I started with. Obviously 
not enough to change my lifestyle but after having thoroughly 
enjoyed playing for less than an hour, I was happy! LOL! 

I've posted a few photographs here, and more in the Photo Gallery. 
Until tomorrow, happy crafting! 


  1. Wow what an eventful start to your cruise ship experience to Alaska. First win at SU, a parade and up on your bets at the casino. What could be better? Your luggage arriving is what! Look forward to the next blog Jan. xx :O)

  2. Love these pics Jan, please keep them coming, I feel like I'm on the cruise with you! Enjoy everything!

  3. You're allowed to post catalog spoilers, so I hope you will most many -- but I'm looking forward to all of your cruise posts!

  4. that looks fab jan enjoy 😊

  5. Enjoying all your pictures and sounds like you having a fun time.