Sunday, 29 July 2018

Apron Box 3D Swap & Barry Manilow.

Hello, Crafters.

Ooops! Sorry - I pressed the wrong key! I have just uploaded today's
 video which shows how I made the 2018 Incentive Trip 3D Swap.
 It's an apron box with a lace trimmed handkerchief
 inside. I'm pleased to say I was successful in getting all 26 of 
them to the cruise ship undamaged. YAY!!
This evening we went to see Barry Manilow
in concert. I have never been a great fan, but I have always loved
 his voice and the majority of his songs. He's 75 years old now,
 he certainly doesn't look it, and his voice is as strong as ever.

 Tonight he didn't let us down - he was fantastic, and his voice and 
singing were superb! At one part of the show, we saw him 
performing back in 1975, and after a minute or two, he was singing 
the same song in real life in
 sync with the film which was being shown behind him. 

It was brilliant. Another part of the show, we needed to put on 3D
 glasses while we saw a film which made it appear that Barry was flying
 through New York as Batman - we only saw his hands!
The third highlight of the show was when a U-shaped stage of stairs 
and a  balcony was lowered so Barry was able to go up the stairs, 
carry on singing Copacabana, and get a lot closer to the 
audience further back from the front fifteen rows or so!
My story about Barry Manilow is that we booked to see him in
 Vegas when we visited here in 2012. Unfortunately, I was taken
 ill, and was rushed into hospital where I stayed for four days,
 missing the Barry Manilow Show we'd already booked. I always 
wanted to make up for missing it and did just that tonight. 
Footnote: I developed a high temperature after we'd gone to bed one
 night. (There hadn't been any sign of me not being well while
 we were out having dinner). The hotel called the paramedics who 
decided my temperature was off the scale! 
 They took me down to the ambulance and put me on a bed of was freezing!! Apparently, I had double-pnuemonia 
and pluerisy. I was very well looked after, and I have no complaints 
about the hospital or the medical staff - they were brilliant. We were 
somewhat surprised at the total bill, which was 
US$27,000 - thank goodness for travel insurance! 
TIP FOR THE DAY: Never ever travel without Travel Insurance!

Now that I have excellent internet, I'm hoping to pop in and say hello every
 day. I still have lots of cards to share with you from the Incentive Trip. 
So until tomorrow/next time, happy crafting.



  1. Very cute swap!! Love the tropical printed top you were wearing also! Glad to know you're enjoying your trip to N.A. ... looking forward to hearing more when you get back. Thanks for the fun video and be safe!

    1. Glad you like this little gift box, Geraldine. I think it's a very versatile set of dies, and can be utilised for masculine projects, too. ☺ Happy crafting. JanB.

  2. Jan what a great 3D project for the Alaskan trip; I am glad that you didn't choose to do this for On Stage otherwise you would have a lot more to make. I love my Apron Builder set both stamps and dies I think it is so versatile and can be used for both masculine and feminine projects. Thank you for sharing these projects with us crafters. :O) xx

    1. I totally agree with you Lorraine - this set would also make a great masculine card/gift box. Perish the thought of making 80-100 of these for OnStage! LOL! ☺ Happy crafting. JanB.

  3. this is awesome!! Would like to use it in our woman's ministry but I cannot hear the video on how to make it. I checked everything I know .

    1. I'm so sorry you have a problem with the volume, Dorcas98. At the time of writing, I've received 23 comments about the vieo, and no-one has said the volume was an issue. Can you watch the video on a different device? I hope this helps. ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.