Monday, 25 June 2018

Training Day Swaps

Hello, Crafters.

I hope you've enjoyed a fantastic weekend! 
As promised, I have the five swaps I received from training am Saturday
 to share with you! The first swap was made by a new demonstrator
 who joined in January 2018. Sally Murray came to the event
 with two other demos, all the way from Portsmouth
 - the journey must have taken them about 3.5 hours! 
The swap I received from Sally is this hand-stitched note book!  
Although I was able to talk to Sally for a little while, I wasn't able 
to find out very much about her and her bookmaking skills.
 The white lines on the spine of the wallet are stitches where
 Sally has sown the note pads inside. It's absolutely brilliant- a
 great job very well done. Many thanks, Sally!
This is the inside of the wallet and you can see where 
Sally has stitched the centre of the notebooks
This colour chart was a swap from Andrea Nichols - I bet she was 
pleased there were only six of us swapping! This is a great idea 
but there's an awful lot to so. Many thanks, Andrea - I'm so pleased
 I was there on Saturday to receive one! 
This was made by my friend Charry Wijers, who joined 
Stampin' Up! the same time as me Inside the bag is a sachet
 of Hot Drinking Chocolate Powder! Charry used the Better with
 You and the Very Vintage  Stamp Sets, as well as 
Brushos for colouring. Many thanks, Charry - I love a cup of hot
 drinking chocolate before bed!
This Impossible Card is from Rebecca Willmott, who often comes 
up with brilliant ideas using cats. I love the design of this card and
 so pleased I've received one of them! Many thanks Rebecca!
Last and by no means least, this is a Thank You Card front swap.
 Unfortunately, Rachael hasn't put the list of ingredients on the
 back of her card - just for once, I can't complain as I didn't even
 put my name on the back of my swaps!  Many thanks, Rachael!

That's about it from me today. I hope you have a great week,
 and until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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