Sunday, 17 June 2018

Secret Message Card Video

Hello, Crafters.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend.
Today's video features a Secret Message Card which has 
been around for years, and is probably one of the easiest
 fancy fold cards to make.

 The actual card can be put together in about five minutes or so. The
 part that takes the time is the decorating, and I'm amazed I've used 
a staggering NINE different stamp sets. 

As usual, I've listed all the stamp sets I've used in the box below the
 video but you're free to choose from your own stash if you don't feel
 like treating yourself to any of the sets I've used! ☺

The first Secret Message Card I decorated is the Lemon Lime Twist
 and Fresh Fig card - it took what seemed like hours. The reason 
for this is that I punched or die cut each image and sentiment. 

I'm pleased with the way my card finished up, but it did teach me 
an important lesson for when I need several images and several

The lesson is, choose photopolymer stamps, and stamp directly 
onto each section direct no die-cutting, or punching! I had masses 
of different ideas going through my mnd as I was 
working on this project.
The finished size of my card is 6" x 6",  which is a lovely sized card. 
I did make one that was the same size as our regular card but it
 didn't feel a good size to send someone as a greeting card!

 Before starting this project, I watch several videos on YouTube,
 and I saw some amazing ideas. The one that really sticks in my 
mind, was from a young lady who used some fancy edged 
scissors to cut her lines - her card looked fabulous, and it appeared 
to work really well.
 Unfortunately, I'm not happy to recommend something usless I've 
tried it, so I may go back to the drawing board on this at some time!

I hope you enjoy todays project and give it a go. 
I wish you a very blessed Sunday, 
and until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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