Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Gent's Suits Cards Video

Hello, Crafters.

After I did the ladies blouse card just in time for Mother's Day, I 
was asked if I could do a masculine version in
 time for Father's Day. 
Recently I was also asked by a crafty friend of mine who lives in 
Arkansas (sorry Pat, in the video I said Arizona! DOH!) if I'd check
 out a video for which she sent me the link. 

It was a great tuxedo card, but there were bits that were cut
 freehand. I decided to check out a few other tuxedo cards
 and I think I know why Pat particularly like this one! 
All the others I found had four layers pf paper for the shirt 
collar which resulted in them bunching up to a greater
 or lesser extent!
 I've put the link to the video Pat sent to me in the box below my video
in case anyone wants to check it out.
 While working on my project,
 I picked out some things I'd seen in other videos and put what I 
considered the best features altogether in one video. 

I haven't called my video Tuxedos, mainly because I  used such a light
 colour - Gray Granite - for the video to make sure it was easy for
 the viewer to see what was happening! I hope it worked!

That's it from me today. Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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