Sunday, 29 April 2018

No-Die Mini Treat Bags Video

Hello, Crafters.
Earlier this month, I made all my March online customers a Mini
 Treat Bag, using our dies, into which I'd put a cotton 
handkerchief! I had every intention of making a video showing 
how I'd made it, but events conspired against me!
  First of all, the Hostess Order I'd placed on 1st April didn't arrived
 until 12th April 2018 - this delay is extremely rare. By the time
 I'd parcelled, and posted all the happy mail, and allowed three or 
four days for the post to reach my customers, I'd received the 
Retiring List, only to see that the Mini Treat Dies were retiring!

  Apart from being really disppointed - I've used my dies so
 many times - I also decided that there wasn't much
 point in making a video.  A few days later I asked myself
 what I'd do in the future when I wanted a Mini Treat Bag, and 
my answer was that I'd make one.............hence today's video!
I'd run out of the little wooden clothes pegs, which I didn't
 realise  weren't in the current catalogue, so I used old 
non-Stampin' Up! pegs! Towards the end of the video, one of them 
broke and pinged across my studio, making me jump out of my skin!
 It also reminded me why I gave up on using pags, until someone 
gave me SU pegs. They never broke, so I was hooked again!
Pardon the pun!
I wish you a very blessed Sunday, and until tomorrow, happy crafting.


  1. Very well done, m'Lady ... and I also love that die, h o w e v e r, I do think that I prefer your version of this little gift bag and am well impressed with the new rounded corner punch too! The wee pegs simply offered a bit of comic relief, although I'm sure you probably weren't at all amused at the time. Many thanks for a fabulous alternative for those who may need or want it! Beautifully done with beautiful results! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Jan!

    1. Hi, Geraldine. It took a little bit to get the measurements right, but it was well worth the effort! I'd forgotten about those old pegs - I've thrown them all away now! LOL! I'll stick to Bulldog (library) Clips in future! ☺ Happy crafting. JanB.

  2. Thank you for the sharing this very well documented and detailed video on how to make these bags. I do have the dies for the treat bags but am going to give this a try ...I love your attention to detail...I don't always comment but I do always feel like I have learned something when I read your blog and or/watch your videos. Thank you again for sharing.

    Bernice P (USA)

  3. Hi, Bernice. I'm so pleased you enjoyed this project. Many thanks for your support with my videos and blog - I really do appreciate it. ☺☺Happy crafting, JanB.