Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Vellum Overlay Video

Hello, Crafters.

Today's video shows how I made the Dry Embossed Vellum card I shared on Saturday. 

You may remember I made a happy mistake, and adhered the Vellum with the debossed side facing out, which I thought looked lovely. 

When I made my second card just before making the video, I adhered the Vellum the correct way round, but I didn't think it looked anywhere as nice. 

One of the reasons for this is that the actual basket weave can hardly be seen when it's the right way round.

Another reason is that on both sides, the squares are the most prominent feature, but are more prominent on the debossed side!

Another disadvantage of adhering the Vellum the correct way is that the Vellum curls upwards when it's dry embossed; therefore the layer
needs to be curled in the opposite direction to make sure it adheres to the card base flat. 

I have included two photographs here which shows the gaps I have on my Peekaboo card, and I'm not sure I can do anything to remedy it................although that won't stop me from trying! 

Needless to say, when I made the Flirty Flamingo card in the video, I adhered the Vellum with the debossed side showing.

News from Stampin' Up! 

As from tomorrow, there are new products available as Sale-a-bration gifts!

They are all products available in current catalogues. 

I will be sending out a copy of the flyer to everyone who's in my Email Newsletter Group. 
Unfortunately, it's a PDF document that I can't post here. 

If you would like to be in my Email Newsletter Group, please email me your request and I will add you. 

Yesterday, Stampin' Up! requested that we make more of an effort to make sure our customers know our Hostess Codes, and the importance of using them!

The amount of requests Support are now getting to add missing or forgotten Hostess Codes, is putting a big strain on their resources! 

Our Support team are fantastic, and I'm more than happy to do my bit to help lighten their load.

I'm explaining this to you as you will see more references to my Hostess Code from now on, and I wanted you to know why!

Finally, I'm about to set up a Facebook group for all my customers, my blog followers and my YouTube subscribers where everyone can share their projects. 

I've been thinking about this for a little while, but have hesitated because I know there are already lots of FB groups out there all ready.

My motivation for doing this is that a lot of crafters share photographs of their projects with me, and I think it's such a shame that it's only me who gets to see them! 

Quite often the photograph hasn't been inspired by anything I've done. 

I always feel very privileged, and I really appreciate that I get to see these, so I'd like to offer a group where we can all share them. 

I  understand that not everyone is on FB - and I understand why - but if you are, I hope you like my idea and that you'll join in! 

BTW I haven't had any inspiration for a name for this FB group, apart from HAPPY CRAFTING! 

As you all know, that's my regular sign off, so it seems to be the most logical name to go for, unless you can think of something better!!! 

Please let me know! ☺ Until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. Absolutely beautiful, Jan! Loved the video. In the end, I have to agree with you in that the wee flowers in the corner do finish it off more nicely. It struck me the other day after my previous comment, that it might look a bit too sparse without them! Still prefer the "wrong" side of the embossed layer! It looks great! TFS! and all the best on your new Facebook group also!

    1. Hi, Geraldine. Initially, I would have preferred a "corner" like the stamp I use from the Hold on to Hope Stamp Set, but I'm now used to the flowers! Thanks for your feedback; as always, it's very much appreciated! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.