Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sneak Peak Video

Hello, Crafters.

Earlier this morning I uploaded my Sneak Peek video, showing the products I have been given, as well as those I have been able to pre-order from the forthcoming Spring/Summer 2018 and Sale-a-bration Catalogues. 

Please note that I won't be using these products in my videos, or on my blog, until the last week or two of December. 

As from today, I'm back into Christmas mode as this is the most important and favourite time of the year.

The silver box shown on the front screen of the video is a make-n-take we did at OnStage, and the Pumpkin Pie box I made very quickly before starting to video, is made using one og the new die sets. 

Full details about both these products are on the video.

Tomorrow we start an Online Extravaganza, and the first set of offers are for tomorrow ONLY. 

After how quickly the first batch of Stamparatus sold out last week, if you see anything you'd like, get it there ASAP! 

The Extravaganza Sale starts on 20th November between midnight (CET) and 23:59 (CET) or 19th November 23:00 (GMT) to 20th November 22:59 (GMT). 

With the Stamparatus, there will be plenty more opportunities to get one, but once the Online Extravaganza is finished, the deals are gone. 

The link for my online shop is: JanBCards 24/7 Online Stampin' Up! Shop. (Only open to crafters with addresses in the UK, the Netherlands France Germany and Austria - I'm really sorry but these are Stampin' Up! rules). 

There are more offers that are available from 20th - 26th November, 2017, which will be followed by a Flash Sale on 27th. November, 2018. 
I will be emailing a copy of the full Online Extravaganza List to everybody who's on my Newsletter Email Group, and will post it on here if I can work out how to post a PDF to Blogger! Grrr! 

In the meantime, please contact your demonstraor and ask her to email you the list. 

I wish you all a very happy Sunday, and until tomorrow, happy crafting.



Item No.DescriptionRetail Price Discount Price
139891Remarkable You Wood-Mount Stamp Set43,00€/ £32.00 34,40€/ £25.60
139894Remarkable You Clear-Mount Stamp Set31,00€/ £23.00 24,80€/ £18.40
140643Bloomin’ Love Photopolymer Stamp Set21,00€/ £15.00 16,80€/ £12.00
141054Éclosion d'amour Photopolymer Stamp Set (French)21,00€/ £15.00 16,80€/ £12.00
141056Blüten der Liebe Photopolymer Stamp Set (German)21,00€/ £15.00 16,80€/ £12.00
143775Celebrate You Wood-Mount Stamp Set30,00€/ £23.00 24,00€/ £18.40
143778Celebrate You Clear-Mount Stamp Set22,00€/ £16.00 17,60€/ £12.80
142982Cool Treats Photopolymer Stamp Set33,00€/ £24.00 26,40€/ £19.20
143440Souhaits frais Photopolymer Stamp Set (French)33,00€/ £24.00 26,40€/ £19.20
143442Eis, Eis, Baby! Photopolymer Stamp Set (German)33,00€/ £24.00 26,40€/ £19.20
138682You're so Sweet Wood-Mount Stamp Set33,00€/ £24.00 26,40€/ £19.20
139440You're so Sweet Clear-Mount Stamp Set23,00€/ £17.00 18,40€/ £13.60
140180Juste comme ça Photopoylmer Stamp Set (French)23,00€/ £17.00 18,40€/ £13.60
140183Mit Liebe geschenkt Photopolymer Stamp Set (German)23,00€/ £17.00 18,40€/ £13.60
143949Garden Girl Wood-Mount Stamp Set33,00€/ £24.00 26,40€/ £19.20
143952Garden Girl Clear-Mount Stamp Set23,00€/ £17.00 18,40€/ £13.60
143740Good Vibes Wood-Mount Stamp Set33,00€/ £24.00 26,40€/ £19.20
145080Good Vibes Clear-Mount Stamp Set23,00€/ £17.00 18,40€/ £13.60
142871Super Duper Wood-Mount Stamp Set33,00€/ £24.00 26,40€/ £19.20
142874Super Duper Clear-Mount Stamp Set23,00€/ £17.00 18,40€/ £13.60
138764Heartfelt Sympathy Photopolymer Stamp Set21,00€/ £15.00 16,80€/ £12.00
140098Des adieux du fond du cœur Photopolymer Stamp Set (French)21,00€/ £15.00 16,80€/ £12.00
140100Herzliches Beileid Photopolymer Stamp Set (German)21,00€/ £15.00 16,80€/ £12.00
144865Every Good Wish Clear-Mount Stamp Set22,00€/ £16.00 17,60€/ £12.80
144862Every Good Wish Wood-Mount Stamp Set30,00€/ £23.00 24,00€/ £18.40
145121Alle guten Wünsche Photopolymer Stamp Set (German)22,00€/ £16.00 17,60€/ £12.80
145103Que de bons vœux Photopolymer Stamp Set (French)22,00€/ £16.00 17,60€/ £12.80
144870Good Tidings Photopolymer Stamp Set25,00€/ £19.00 20,00€/ £15.20
145126Harmonische Feiertage Photopolymer Stamp Set (German)25,00€/ £19.00 20,00€/ £15.20
145124Bouquet de houx Photopolymer Stamp Set (French)25,00€/ £19.00 20,00€/ £15.20
142954Milestone Moments Photopolymer Stamp Set25,00€/ £19.00 20,00€/ £15.20
143426À souligner Photopolymer Stamp Set (French)25,00€/ £19.00 20,00€/ £15.20
143428Meilensteine Photopolymer Stamp Set (German)25,00€/ £19.00 20,00€/ £15.20
143689More than Chocolate Photopolymer Stamp Set21,00€/ £15.00 16,80€/ £12.00
140653Number of Years Photopolymer Stamp Set33,00€/ £24.00 26,40€/ £19.20
141091Au fil des ans Photopolymer Stamp Set (French)33,00€/ £24.00 26,40€/ £19.20
141093So viele Jahre Photopolymer Stamp Set (German)33,00€/ £24.00 26,40€/ £19.20
140386Oh What Fun Photopolymer Stamp Set25,00€/ £19.00 20,00€/ £15.20
140469Hourra pour Noël Photopolymer Stamp Set (French)25,00€/ £19.00 20,00€/ £15.20
140471Fröhliche Weihnachten Photopolymer Stamp Set (German)25,00€/ £19.00 20,00€/ £15.20
141934Touches of Texture Wood-Mount Stamp Set54,00€/ £41.00 43,20€/ £32.80
143251Touches of Texture Clear-Mount Stamp Set40,00€/ £30.00 32,00€/ £24.00
Finally, for Europe exclusively, we are offering these 10 items to celebrate Stampin’ Up!’s ten year anniversary!
Item No.DescriptionRetail Price Discount Price
141397Flirty Flamingo Classic Stampin’ Pad8,00 €/£6.00 7,20 €/£5.40
141681Enamel Shapes (Regals) 11,00€/£8.258,80€/£6.60
141107Rosenzauber Photopolymer Stamp Set (German)33,00 €/£24.0019,80 €/£14.40
143940Oh So Eclectic Clear-Mount Stamp Set28,00 €/£21.0019,60 €/£14.70
143659Bouquet Bunch Framelits Dies36,00 €/£27.0032,40 €/£24.30
141846Bell Punch22,00 €/£16.0019,80 €/£14.40
145409Brights Best 12" x 12" (30.5 x 30.5 cm) cardstock pack16,50 €/£12.0011,55 €/£8.40
143709Polka Dot Basics Textured Impressions Embossing Folder 9,00 €/£7.007,20 €/£5.60
144084Powder Pink Classic Stampin’ Pad8,00 €/£6.007,20 €/£5.40
143681At Home With You Photopolymer Stamp Set (English)31,00 €/£23.0021,70 €/£16.10


  1. Hi Jan, I have been excitedly waiting for your 'sneak peak' video! Absolutely no one describes Stampin' Up's dies/framelets, stamp sets etc. like you do! And, I was not disappointed, thank you so much for this sneaky peak, love all of them so far!

    1. Hi, SueB. I'm so pleased you enjoyed this sneak peak, and I'm so pleased you like the way I do it as well! Many thanks. Happy crafting, JanB.

  2. Replies
    1. Many thanks, Myron. ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.