Friday, 24 November 2017

Hearts Come Home Lantern

Hello, Crafters.


Yesterday I created two projects using battery-operated tealights. 

One is the 3D project for my class tomorrow, and one is to share with you today. 

I started with one of our Clear Tiny Treat Boxes, which can be found on page 195 in the annual catalogue. 

Personally, I'd call them small boxes, not tiny, because the size is 2" x 2" x 2" (5.1cm x 5.1cm x 5.1cm)! 

Small or tiny - what do you think?

It's an ideal size to hold a battery-operated tealight. 

I started the project with a length of our Vellum Cardstock (CS), which was two inches wide. 

Using the Softly Falling Embossing Folder, I embossed the strip but I had to do it in two steps. 
To start with I put my strip of Vellum in so the horizontal side was paralell to the fold in the embossing folder. 

I positioned it so the opposite horizontal edge lined up with two "snowflakes" on the embossing folder, and it was also near the top of the S in Sizziz. 

It wasn't crucial that both parts of embossing had to be lined up perfectly, as long as they were pretty close, that'd be close enough!

Normally when I do dry embossing, I make sure the fold of the embossing folder goes through the Big Shot first, but on this occasion it wasn't possible because part of the vellum strip was protruding out of the side - it was nearly 10" long!

After I'd cranked it through the Big Shot the first time, I lined the Vellum up again with the two "snowflakes and the top of the "S" in Sizzix. 

When I was happy it was more or less in the position as before, I cranked it through the Big Shot again. 

Surprisingly, the Vellum felt quite rough where it had been  embossed.

I placed my length of Vellum on the front of the box, judging approximately where the centre of the strip was. 

Using my fingers, I pressed on the corner to get part of a fold. I took it away from the box, and folded on the crease line properly! 

I put the Vellum back on the box, and flattened it around the next corner.

Then I took it away from the box again, and folded on the crease line properly! 

I carried on until I had four good crease lines going around the box. 

I adhered the two ends together using Tombow. 

Next I took a strip of Whisper White CS that was long enough to go around the box. 

I lined up the small die of three windowless and doorless houses from the Hometown Greetings Edglits so the top of the middle house was a tad down from the top of the Whisper White CS.

After I'd cranked it through the Big Shot, I lined the die up against the end of the last cut line, making sure I left a tiny gap between the two.

I repeated this so I had five lines of houses, and I snipped beyweeneach set of houses so that the top piece of cardstock came away easily. 

I lined this strip of houses on the front of the box,  and used Tombow to adhere the first three houses in place. 

Then I went round the corner, and adhered the second row of houses.

I continued this until I had completed all four sides.
Next I used the Decorative Ribbon Border Punch to punch out a decorative strip, which I adhered around the top of the box.

I did toy with the idea of cutting off the lid and the two side flaps on the acetate box, but I was concerned this would leave those three edges really sharp; so I decided not to chance it!

Instead, I played with the lid and side flaps, until I was able to make them lay flat, and not curved upwards as shown in the photographs!

I'll be making a video tutorial for this project and will demonstrate how I achieved this.


Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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