Sunday, 15 October 2017

Kit Kat Peg Fridge Magnet

Hello, Crafters.

Today's video shows how I made my September customer Thank You gifts, which would also make great stocking fillers, teachers gifts, etc.

Peg fridge magnets were one of the very first 3D projects I ever made when I first started paper crafting - it's just so easy.

In the video I show the difference between sanding, and not sanding the edges. 
Like so many techniques in paper crafting, it's a matter of choice. 

I've had positive feedback from customers about this hand made gift they found inside their September happy mail!

It's not often that I let my customers know what the current month's hand made gift is going to be before they receive it, but October 2017 is different!

If you'd like to see what it's going to be, please see my video no. 317! ☺

We had a fabulous time at the Tadworth Craft Fair yesterday! 

Everything about it was without fault: the visitors, the stallholders, the organisors, the location, even the weather. 

When I had a look around the Fair with my visitor's hat on, I was bowled over by some of the handmade gifts that were available. 

Funnily enough, my favourite was a company called Peg'ams, who was selling decorated clothes pegs! 

The regular style of clothes pegs had been painted on the back and front, some with glitter, and then decorated with beautiful flowers. 

There were also the old fashioned dolly pegs that were painted as dancers, super heroes, etc. and dressed accordingly. 

The lady I was talking to did the painting, and her seamstress sister made the clothes. 

Such was the attention to detail, that the tutus the ballerina pegs were weaing, were made exactly the same way real tutus are made. 

These dolly pegs were displayed pegged onto a small Christmas tree.  
Another stall I was really impressed with was someone who made knitted hats, gloves, tea cosies - yes, people still buy tea cosies! 

One of the hats had a hole in the middle for a pony tail to go through, knitted winter headbands to keep ears warm, fingerless gloves, etc. 

There was a man selling wooden products he'd made, including a 40-year calendar. 

This was in the shape of a brass circle with another brass circle overlay with "windows" the information showed through when turned into position.  
For myself, I sold lots of empty gift boxes, as well as lots of the small gift type products like handbag tissues in a box with a flap lid that had a magnetic closure, several sweet treats, and a selection of greeting cards including a Ruby Wedding Anniversary card. 

I really don't have a clue why I made that, but I'm glad I did - one very happy customer! 

The Tadworth Craft Fair, without a doubt, is the best Craft Fair I've been to for a very long time. 

Big thanks to Michelle McGhie and Angela Robertshaw for organising such an awesome day! ☺

That's about it from me today. Happy Sunday and until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. Hmmm, looks like such a picturesque place, especially with the colours of Autumn ... thanks for sharing all the craft fair photo's; would have loved to be there! Your little fridge magnets are pretty adorable too, and as you say, would make great stocking stuffers for all ages! Enjoyed the video as always and thanks Jan!

    1. Hi, Geraldine. Yes, Tadworth is a delightful little village, and you could really feel the community spirit at the craft fair. We both loved the day! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.

  2. Jan, thank you for sharing.. adorable.. I enjoy your videos..
    Bernice P

    1. Hi, Bernice. I'm so pleased you enjoy my projects and videos. Many thanks. ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.