Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Decorating Candle Jars

Hello, Crafters.

Decorating candle jars is something I've wanted to try for a very long time!

There was a gentleman selling handmade perfumed candles in jars at the Tadworth Craft Fair last Saturday, so I bought two red and four creamy coloured candle jars!

The timing tied in very nicely with an email I received from a US crafter who'd see my blog on 7th September 2017 called Don't Try This At Home! 

You may remember the Night in Bethlehem card I'd decorated using the Swirly Snowflakes Die - I'd used the die with the Adhesive Sheets and struggled to remove all the little bits and finished up wearing most of them! LOL!!

The email contained a link to a YouTube video that had been posted by Tami White, showing how to use the Adhesive Sheet with the Swirly Snowflakes Die, successfully! 

I followed Tami's tips and it worked brilliantly - this is my first decorted candle jar! 

The first tip Tami gave was to remove the plastic backing to the Glimmer Paper because it made it easier to get a great cut with the Big Shot. 

I struggled to remove just the plastic sheet, and I took a layer of the cardstock with it, but I decided not to worry about it and carried on. 

Next I inserted a piece of the Red Glimmer Paper onto a piece of the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheet which I'd cut to the same size.

I made my Big Shot "sandwich" using the Big Shot Platform and Thin Die Adaptor, the Precision Base Plate, the die and Red Glimmer Paper and one Cutting Mat. 

I cranked this through the Big Shot through and back again, twice - four altogether, then I moved the positon of the die and Glimmer Paper, and ran it through the Big Shot twice more!

I placed the Glimmer Paper onto my Die Brush Sponge Mat, and rolled over the back of the die several times using the Die Brush!

It was so  easy! All the bits came out beautifully, and my die was ready to adhere to my jar, but first, I had to make another die so my design would go all round the jar. 

This is where my problems started because the design at the ends of the die aren't the same as the joins in the middle. 

If you don't have the die, have a look at the photograph on page 35 where there's a white die cut sitting on  the die. 

It's a fabulous die and is probably best used on a card so you can really show off the full length to it's true beauty.

However, I wanted to see how easy - or not - it was to add a continuation strip! 

I succeeded to a point, and if I were to give this candle to someone as a gift, I really don't think they'd notice the joins! 

If you look closely at the photographs, you'll see some small areas where the Glimmer Paper hasn't stuck very well. 

This is because they are areas where I have been manipulating them into position, and in doing so, I have lost some of the tackiness. Tombow will sort that out for me!

Overall I'm really pleased with this project and would like to make a video showing how I did it! 

I've decorated four of my candles with different designs so far, and am burning one because I want to know if there's a reaction to what I've done from a safety point of view. 

I also want to know that the adhesives I'm using are going to withstand any heat. 

I've also decorated the lid on the other three jars, and will do this one too.

So big thanks to Tami for her video - Using Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets - and to Suzanne for bringing it to my attention - thank you ladies!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. These turned out beautifully, Jan! Quite stunning, in fact. And thanks so much for the tip on removing the backing of the glimmer paper before using this die ... I was feeling some apprehension about it to be honest. But now, having viewed Tammy's video, I'm feeling just fine about it. Such a beautiful bundle, isn't it?! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi, Geraldine. Tami's video was a great help. Previously, I've pulled little bits of the plastic backing off small die cuts if I've seen them sticking up, but never thought about peeling the sheet first! ☺ Happy crafting! JanB.

  2. I think these are just beautiful..

    Bernice P

    1. Hi, Bernice. I bought six jars and need to buy more now because I've decorated them all - different patterns! I'm hooked! I'm really pleased you like this one. ☺ Happy crafting. JanB.