Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Decorated Acetate Card Box Video

Hello, Crafters.

Last week when I was planning my classes for the weekend, I focussed on our Foil Snowflakes. 

I decided to follow the theme through for the 3D project and used the Snowflakes to decorate our Acetate Card Boxes. 

The ladies who came to class were exceptionally pleased with the project, so I decided to make a video! 

The acetate boxes will also make a great size for gifting a diary, or address book, wrapped with tissue and slipped inside. 
Or maybe a silk scarf. 

There must be lots of gifts that this box will be ideal for. 

I have a craft fair coming up on 14th October so I'm planning to make more cards in the same design as we did in class, and sell them as a box of five identical cards. 

I will make sure that the design is visible through the front of the box, so customers can see the design.

The decorative belly band on these boxes isn't fixed so it'd be quite easy to move it to show visitors the complete design without taking any cards out of the box.

Although having said that, one of my ladies makes her packs of cards with two designs, and has one of each showing from the front and the back of the cellophane pack she uses. 

This is a lovely quick and easy project.

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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  1. love the project, just not watching you tie a bow for 10 minutes. very pretty. love it, thank you for sharing :)