Thursday, 21 September 2017

Home today!

Hello, Crafters.

Our third and final day yesterday was just as packed as the first two days. 

Although it wasn't as sunny as the first two days, the weather was still very kind to us.

We had a fair bit of sunshine, lots of clouds, some wind, and the temperature was very mild. 
This sign tickled my sense of humour! These steps lead down into the sea and the sign reads  PRIVATE STEPS. NO ACCESS!

These two photographs are the floating bridge that takes passengers and cars from Cowes across the river to East Cowes
The floating bridge moves via two chains it has running through it, one on each side, and each end is anchored at each side of the river.
This also tickled my sense of humour - a fish and chip shop in Ryde called the Codfather!
This is a close up of the red plaque by the side of the fish and chip shop. At one time the shop was owned by John Leigh, and the shop was raided in September 1953. The police took away 1,087 saucy postcards by Donald McGill.
When we arrived in Ryde, we parked the car, and found the shop next door to where we parked was a craft shop! Popped in to have a look and bought some mini  polystyrene wreaths.
Ryde Pier
Something else that made me smile. This snack bar took its name from a very successful TV comedy called Only Fools & Horses!
We have to leave our hotel by 9am to get to the ferry for 10.05am. Last night we did as much of our packing as we could. We're now both ready and as soon as I hit the PUBLISH button, we're off.

I'll be back again tomorroww. Until then, happy crafting.


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