Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Storage Box Video

Hello, Crafters.

This morning, I uploaded my latest video which shows how to make storage boxes, which are equally suitable for our 6" x 6" Designer Series Paper (DSP) Stacks, as well as our Textured Impressions Embossing Folders.

Although there are already videos on YouTube showing how to make these boxes - my design is from - I received a request from one of my subscribers asking if I'd make a JanB-version! 

The only change I made to my storage box was to work out how to mat layers on all four sides, which I think gives added strength to the boxes.

I'll be using my boxes to store my Embossing Folders, as we have several different types now. 

That is Christmas and non-Christmas, 6" and 4.25" wide, and Dynamic. 

This gives us a total of eight possible different types.

My plan is to adhere three, possibly four, storage boxes together, and also to decorate the outside.

I'll keep this to a sensible minimum as this unit is going to be used as a work horse, so there's no room for frills and flowers!

I also have another idea but at the moment, I'm not sure if it'll work, so I'm keeping it under wraps for the time being!

The storage boxes hold up to four packs of DSP Stacks comfortably. 

The reason these boxes have really come into their own recently is because Stampin' Up! have stopped putting gum on one edge of the DSP Stack. 

I'm really pleased about this, but it does mean you need to take more care of it, so the sheets don't go walkabouts!

I tansfer my DSP Stacks into C5 cello bags which I cut down so they are just under 6" tall. 

The cello bags are big enough to hold my off cuts as well, which I try to keep in the front of the bag so they're easily visible.

I also peel off the label that's on the wrapper when the Stack first arrives, with varying levels of success -  sometimes I get the whole label, and sometimes just the writing at the top! 

As long as I can get the name of the set as well as the co-ordinating colours, I'm happy! 

As you can see from photographs 5 and 6, the label looks a bit crumpled but I can live with that! 

I hope you like today's project,  it's certainly an easy box to make, and very useful, too.

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. What a super idea for storing the smaller paper stacks and items you have suggested here ... and a very doable paper project too; like it's practicality a lot! TFS Jan!

    1. Hi, Geraldine. I'm glad you like this project. I use all three boxes everyday, because they're so useful! I've never found a storage idea for embossing folders that I've really liked...............until now! This is absolutely brilliant! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.