Thursday, 20 July 2017

My handmade birthday cards

Hello, Crafters.

Today's the day we say goodbye to Thailand. We've had a really lovely time here, the first week with Stampin' Up! and the last few days, with just the two of us. 

We've enjoyed the food, the sight-seeing, the resort and have found the Thais to be really polite, friendly people. Although I'll be sorry to say goodbye to Thailand, I am looking forward to getting back into my studio and crafting again!

I had a bit of spare time yesterday evening so I decided to share my four handmade birthday cards with you. All four have been made by great crafters I've met since becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator!

Photographs 1 - 3: Geraldine Homenchuk, Canada, SU demonstrator. Geraldine always makes the most amazing cards. She also decorates the inside of her cards and the envelopes. 

Since the beginning of the year, I have been decorating the insides of my cards, but not with anywhere as near as much detail as Geraldine. 

Many thanks, Geraldine.

Photograph 4 - Maria Kennedy, Scotland.
Maria is my customer, as well as my friend. 

She is a new cardmaker, and, as you can see, has taken to it like a duck to water.

Many thanks, Maria.

Photograph 5 - Kelly Kent, Western Australia. SU demonstrator. I have obviously overlooked a good stamp set from the new annual catalogue! 

I don't recognise the watering can on Kelly's card, but will add it to my wishlist when I do! Although I have my catalogue with me, I don't have time to go through it to find which stamp set this is from! 

Maybe I'll have a look while I'm on the plane home, if I can stay awake, that is! LOL! 

Many thanks, Kelly.

Photograph 6 - Audrey Shaw, Scotland. Audrey is in my Stampin' Up! team of Super Stars! 

I'm not quite sure how Audrey has decorated this card!  
There is a layer of cardstock on the card base but about 1/4" smaller all round. 

Then it looks like she has drawn a line of gold all round the edge where the layer meets the card base. I'm bursting to find out what Audrey used! I may CASE the rest of the design for my August Thank You Cards! Do you mind, Audrey?

Many thanks, Audrey. 

I'll be back on Saturday, once I'm back home. 

Happy crafting.



  1. I think the watering can might come from the Just Add Color Specialty DSP stack on p. 189. You didn't overlook anything! The watering can is not really visible.

    1. Hi, Catherine. Many thanks for that. I've just had a much closer look at that set of DSP and there are some super indivial images that could be used like Kelly has used the watering can! Well don, Kelly. ☺ Happy crafting, Catherine.

    2. So glad you've solded the mystery Jan! Isn't it wonderful that there's always something new to discover in the catalogue? Though I'm not sure my bank acct agrees! Kelly x

    3. Hi, Kelly. Absolutely! It's going to feel another huge pinch when we can pre-order from the new Christmas catalogue, too! LOL! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.