Sunday, 4 June 2017

Key Ring Gift Box Video

Hello, Crafters. 

Earlier this morning I posted my video which shows how I made this gift box.

It's to hold a key ring, which I'll be sending to all my June online customers as my personal Thank You for shopping with me!

This is as well as the hostess gift they'll receive through the Hostess Club I run each month. ☺ 

The box closure was inspired by a box I saw Sam Hammond make on one of her videos.

I had to change the measurements, width and length to fit my gift, but kept the closure feature!

I also changed to a sheet of Specialty Designer Series Paper (DSP) instead of our regular DSP, partly because the gift is quite weighty, and also because it needs to go through the post.

I only had two sheets of current Specialty DSP which were from the Eastern Palace Specialty DSP. 

As I can only get three boxes from one sheet, I needed to find some other sheets for my gifts. 

I found four 12" x 12" sheets from the now-retired Pop of Pink Specialty DSP, but that still wasn't enough! 

Next I started using the Irresistibly Floral Specialty DSP. 

When I run out of this, I'll move onto the all white Fancy Frost Specialty DSP that was available in the last Christmas catalogue. 

I bought an extra pack just before the catalogue expired!

This is a very easy box to make and I did have an happy accident while I was working out the sizes I needed.

Part of the instructioners were to be to "score from the vertical edge down to the second score line", but I lost concentration and scored right down to the other end!

I decided to make the same "mistake" on the other side, and then carried on!

The result was lovely!

These extra score lines, resulted in two debossed lines on either side on the front and back of the box about 1/4" in!

I was so pleased with the effect, I added it onto all the boxes! 

On Friday, hubby bought a new printer/copier/scanner as our old one had become unreliable.

He took the old printer out of the office and put it on the floor in the bathroom because he didn't want to put it on the carpet. 

Hubby then took the new machine to the desk and noticed a small pool of what appeared to be navy blue ink. He cleaned it up and asked me to check under the old printer in the bathroom while he picked it up. 

Yes, there was ink on the bottom, but it wasn't dripping and hadn't marked the bathroom floor. Hubby carried on installing the new printer. When he had finished, he went to the bathroom, picked up the old printer and carried it through to the bedroom, so he could pack it away in the box the new printer had arrived in.  

Unknown to him, a couple of steps out of the bathroom the printer started leaking onto the carpet. Hubby only saw what was happening when he bent down to put the old printer in the box!  

The last three photographs show our not so beautiful cream carpet, along the landing and going into our bedroom! Thank goodness for home insurance that includes accidental damage!!! 

I wish you a very blessed Sunday. Until tomorrow, happy crafting. 



  1. Oh no, so sorry about your carpet! Love the little boxes though. How fun to do them in several different papers. Can't wait to try them. Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Hi, Sheron. Glad you like the boxes, they're so easy! Have fun making them! ☺ Happy crafting. JanB.

  2. Your poor hubby! Your beautiful cream carpet. As you said, that's what we have insurance for! Thank you for sharing your box and carpet with us. The box is beautiful, the carpet not so much! LOL!

    1. Hi, Gloria. Yes, he did feel pretty wretched! I'm pleased you like the box. ☺ Happy crafting. JanB.

  3. What a sham to have that happen to your lovely carpet, hope the insurance covers it for you, will they clean it or replace the lot?

    1. Hi, Kaye.I'm hoping they'll clean it but I don't think it'll be possible. There are two problems about replacing the carpet. First is the upheaval! Second is we have the same carpet all through the house, and it's going to be very noticable if two rooms are replaced! I'll keep my blog updated and my fingers crossed! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.