Saturday, 6 May 2017

Back home

Hello, Crafters. 

Yesterday afternoon I had a lovely drive home from Birmingham enjoying the sunshine!

When I arrived home, I made a cup of tea - yes, English and proud! LOL! - then I was fit to do my  unpacking. Next I booted up my laptop and started answering my emails. Within no time at all, I couldn't keep my eyes open! It's extremely rare for me to feel the need to close my eyes during the day.  

On this occasion I decided it was the sensible thing to do, even though it was five o'clock in the afternoon! Unfortunately, my body doesn't know what a catnap is, and I woke up two hours later! How my body must have needed that! 

Hubby was home soon after, then time for dinner, and the evening was gone! 

All this to explain why I don't have a card to share today! Fortunately, tomorrow's video is ready, so that will get me back into my routine, very comfortably. ☺

I hope you have a great weekend, and until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. Good job that you didn't fight too hard and you let yourself give in to sleep. You obviously really needed that and it was the sensible thing to do! Enjoy the break and we'll look forward to Sunday's video when it comes time! Glad you enjoyed you drive home in the sunshine! A nice cup of tea sounds just perfect too ... the only sensible thing to do!

    1. Hi, Geraldine. I forgot to say that I was in bed by 10.30 pm last night and slept through to 8 am! I was so surprised I didn't wake up at silly o'clock this morning after having had such a good sleep earlier! LOL! ☺ Happy crafting. JanB.