Thursday, 20 April 2017

Wahoo! Success!!

Hello, Crafters.

I couldn't believe it! Yesterday, first shop, first outfit and I had my wedding outfit! It has JanB all over it - metophorically speaking, of course! 

I also bought my matching fascinator and handbag! This just left shoes to buy and this is one area of shopping that I find a real chore! I'd go round with bare feet if I could! LOL! 

But I eventually found a pair that fitted my criteria beautifully, although I will be treating myself to a pair of ultra-comfortable Fit-Flops to change into when needed! 

Hubby was patience personified all day yesterday,  which made for a fabulous day together. 

The first stop on our trip yesterday was for his suit, and he set the trend, the first suit he tried on was great, but transformed to fantastic as soon as he added a waistcoat! 

I didn't have anytime in my studio yesterday so today I'm sharing the freebies we were given when we attended OnStage in Amsterdam.

Photograph 1 - we always receive a tote bag that contains various goodies. Initially, I was disappointed with the bag as it was too "floppy"! But it really came into it's own the more we used it, so a big thank you to Stampin' Up! for a fantastic bag. 

Although it's what I call a floppy bag, it has a really long wide strap that makes wearing it diagonally across the body really comfortable.

It also has a pocket on the outside of each side which is ideal for a bottle of water. Since OnStage finished it's been a great shopping bag, advertising Stampin' Up! along the way! 

Photograph 2 - Lanyard and Prize Patrol Badge. We're all given one of these badges in a selection of colours and the colour decides if you're a winner or not. I was but I'm not sure which stamp set I received - I think it was the fabulous 2-3 step stamping flamingo stamp (it's fabulous). There was also a new stamp set given to us in our bags too. 

Photographs 3 - 6: we always receive a note book and pens, so we don't have any excuse for not taking notes during OnStage!

I'm planning time in my studio today, so until tomorrow, happy crafting!


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