Thursday, 27 April 2017

Victoria's Wedding Tags

Hello, Crafters.

I can now feel the pressure for the wedding really building and needless to say, it's not problem free! When we were shopping for our wedding outfits last week, I saw a fabulous pair of blingy FitFlop sandals which I thought would be great to change into on Saturday, as soon as I could take my heels off. I couldn't find my size so I ordered them online. They arrived yesterday and are faulty! Grrrr!!

If you've never tried FitFlops - sandals, shoes, boots - you're missing out on the most comfortable footwear ever! I have fourteen pairs of sandals and five pairs of boots and have never had any problems with them! They aren't ultra-trendy but if comfort is your number one priority, these fit the bill. Anyway, I digress! Hubby has found a shop near his office that has these in stock - fingers crossed!

Yesterday I finished cutting, punching and stamping 260 wedding tags - today I have the ribbons to do. My problem is that I have seriously underestimated the amount of ribbon I need. I'm when it comes to metres and centremetres! I thought I had calculated enough for each tag to be rolled and the ribbon tied round it like a scroll. My local shop had to order the ribbon, so I can't get more in time! Find out tomorrow how I get round this!!

My conveyor belt system for stamping the tags yesterday worked a treat! I'll share the photographs next week because it'll be easier to explain what I did. ☺

I don't like not including photographs with my blog, so I've been back into my archives! Three masculine cards from way back when! Although not all these products are available any more, I hope they help to inspire ideas with products you do have.

Well, I'm off to work with 60m of ribbon now! Until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. Looking forward to seeing your tags, hope you get around your ribbon problem and good luck with your shoes, have not heard of that brand here in Aus, but me not hearing does not mean they are not here, will look for them

    1. Hi, Kaye. I'll be very surprised if you can't get FitFlops in Australia.☺ Happy crafting. JanB.