Monday, 10 April 2017

Retiring List

Hello, Crafters.

I've just found out that the Retiring List will be going live at 8pm GMT this evening. 

(If you're a SU demo, this is the same time the new catalogue will be accessible). 

I will email the list to my customers as soon as I have successfully downloaded the List in EXCEL format, and then I will email ebveryone in my Email Newsletter Group. 

Please note that the list I'll be sending out will only be applicable to the European market.

(If you are outside of Europe, please contact your demonstrator for the Retiring List that's applicable to your market).

We had a lovely day out yesterday visiting Kuekenhof.

The weather was brilliant and we saw the tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc. at their best. 

It's a huge place and was well worth the visit.
When we arrived back in Amsterdam, we visited Our Lord in the Attic.

It's a uniquely preserved seventeenth century house from the Dutch Golden age. 

Briefly, the story is that during that period, Holland was a Protestant country, and Catholic worship was banned. 

However, as long as it was done in private, Catholic worship was allowed. Hence, churches were built in attics. 
It was an amazing place to visit. 

The most fascinating story for me was the Cess Pit. 

One of the rooms we went into was full of shelves with restored pottery plates, bowls, etc. 

There was a little animated film which showed how people would use the toilet and their faeces would drop goodness knows how far down into a cess pit. 

They also threw their broken pottery down there, too! 
Eventually, when the house was being restored, the cess pit was dug up and the broken china was rescued and restored!

I was so fascinated by this story, I forgot to photograph the shelves of restored crockery! 

I'm sharing a few photographs here, but they are only a fraction of those I took. 

When I get home, I'm going to see if I can set up a separate page on here for the lots more for those of you who would like to see them. 

We're off out again today, hopefully for a canal cruise.
Until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos and the history behind them Jan.

    1. Hi, Maire. Glad you enjoyed a liitle bit of Dutch history. ☺ Happy crafting. JanB.

  2. Your flower photos are wonderful, and love all the little bits of history you share

    1. Hi, Kaye. I'm so pleased you like the little bit of history knowledge I've learned! It's such a shame I don't have a better memory! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.