Tuesday, 11 April 2017

On our way home!

Hello, Crafters.

We're all packed and ready to shoot off to the airport. 

This is the link for the European Retiring List.

The canal cruise yesterday was great but too many facts and figures to remember!

The one that really stuck in my mind is that there are 2500 house boats moored on the canals, and the authorities won't be allowing anymore. 

They came into being after the second world war to help out with the housing shortage.

It was only whilst on the cruise we saw there was a houseboat opened as a museum and you could go onboard to see what they look like inside. 
I wished I'd known about that sooner, I would have paid a visit.

Never mind, maybe next time. 

I've posted a few photographs from the trip but please remember they were taken from a covered canal boat! 

Photograph 1 - a building called EYE which is something to do with the film industry
Photographs 2 & 3 - a "greenhouse" that houses lots of exotic plants including a lily that only flowers once a year and that's at night!

Photograph 4 - part of the largest complex in Amsterdam where warehouses have been converted to apartments.

Photographs 5 - a replica of a galleon that  sunk not far from Amsterdam.
This replica was build by youngsters as part of a challenge.

Photograph 6 - a very large floating Chinese restaurant.

This is something else we would have visited had we known about it earlier.

Photograph 7 - one of the canal cruise boats. 

Must dash - we don't want to miss our flight!

Now that I know I'm on my way home, I can't wait to get back in my craft room.

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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