Sunday, 30 April 2017

Leigh and Victoria's Wedding Day

Hello, Crafters.

Yesterday was perfect! 

The sun shone, the temperature was mild and Vicki looked stunning! 

Everything about yesterday was just so beautiful. 

On our way to the Church, we made a slight detour to collect my nephew and his wife, Terry and Rona. 

Hazel, the lady from the church, took the framed posters I'd made, and put them on the three tables where the tags were going to be. 
As we'd arrived in plenty of time, I was able to take photographs of some of the church decorations.
I stopped taking photographs after Vicki had arrived and I'd had a chance to give her a big hug and a kiss. 

I've edited my photographs, but I haven't had a chance to look at hubby's photographs yet.

The photographs from the professional photographer will be ready in two weeks time! 

Although this seems like a lifetime away, it works out brilliantly for Leigh and Vicki as they will be back from their honeymoon in New York by then. 

All photographs are left to right:-

Photograph 1 - me, Vicki, Libby - my new granddaughter, Kevin, the pastor. 
Photograph 2 - Libby, Vicki, granddaughter Molly.

Photographer 3 - Hubby Othman, and me.

Photograph 4 - Leigh and me.

I was asked to pose for a photograph pinning Leigh's buttonhole on. 

I was amazed there was a magnet wrapped behind the stems of the carnation and leaves.

I had to just pop the other magnet at the back of Leigh's lapel. 
What an excellent idea, is that?

Photograph 5 - Me and Sasha, my son Leigh's partner.

Photograph 6 - Son Leigh; bridgroom Leigh with his three brothers from left to right - Roy, Sam, Leigh and Glen; Dave, best man; Jack my grandson; Ben my new grandson.

Photograph 7 - nephew Terry and his wife Rona.

Photograph 8 - Sasha, grandson Stephen and Rona.

I have more photographs to share, so I've set up another page called The Wedding. 

When I add more, I'll put a note in my blog so you can choose if you would like to see them! ☺

Tomorrow, I'll share the wedding tags with you.

I hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend, and until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. Wow do you look very glam, Thank you for including us in your family's very special day, everyone looks fantastic, so glad the weather was kind to you, looking forward to more photos

    1. Many thanks, Kaye. We were very fortunate with the weather, it helped to make the day perfect! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.

  2. Oh Wow! You all look so beautiful and happy! What a bonus to be able to see these photo's ... thank you so much for sharing your wonderful day and so delighted to hear that it was every bit as beautiful and perfect as you could have hoped it would be. How exciting! You made a really beautiful mother-of-the-bride, by the way. Can hardly wait to see more pictures! Thank you so much, Jan! What a special pair and new family ... wish them every blessing to come. And in fact, all of you as a family. Joy, happiness and blessings to you all.

    1. Many thanks, Geraldine. Yes the day was even better than I ever dreamed it would be. As the board said "today two families become one"................and that is so, so true. What an added blessing! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.

  3. Thank you first of all for sharing your photos on a most memorable day and congratulations to the newly wed and the parents of the bride and groom.
    You all look stunning and the bride so beautiful like her Mum. I am so happy that everything went as planned with no hinch even Uk weather was on your side, what a blessing for you and the bride and groom. It seems that your grandchildren have increased in one minute and is't it so wonderfulto have a big family. Thank you God for the blessings he showered upon you

    1. Many thanks, Lilette. I will certainly pass on your best wishes. We couldn't have asked for better weather, it was dry, lovely and warm without being hot - yes, it is hot over here sometimes! I've always wanted a big family, and now I've been blessed with one! ☺ JanB.

  4. Awe congratulations Jan, your daughter looked beautiful as did you as well, I'm glad it all went well on such a special day xx Wendy

    1. Many thanks, Wendy. I couldn't have asked for anything more - everything was just so beautiful. ☺ JanB.

  5. so glad the day was perfect for you all. everyone looks gorgeous and pleased for you.

    1. Hi, Pearl. Many thanks for your kind words. ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.