Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Die Storage & Die Numbering Video

Hello, Crafters.

Earlier this morning I uploaded a video with a difference! 

Recently I've been requested by a lot of crafters who've been watching my videos, to explain the die storage system I use. 

I've also been asked how I number my dies. 

Both questions have been answered in today's video.

Although I started at the beginning of November 2016, I still haven't finished updating my die storage files - it's taking so long to do! 

This is partly because I have so many die sets, but also the way I'm organising my folders. 

I like systems that are quick and easy, and hardcopy. I really do not like relying on technology!
I really want to make a final push with it over the next three or four weeks, so I'm up to date by the time the new catalogue is launched!

I forgot to mention on the video, I store 24 wallets in each file - by adding the cardboard and the die cuts to each wallet, adds to the thickness of each one.

I don't know if the brand of storage file I use is international or not, but I'm sure the same style of system must be available worldwide.

For sure, if you're in the UK,google Docrafts - Papermania - stamp & die storage, you'll find this product, or something similar, quite easily.

If you have the patience, it' may well be worth spending  some time checking out different suppliers. 
The best deal I normally find is to buy one case, which includes some wallets with magnetic sheets, plus a pack of extra wallets free. 

I expect to pay approximately £20.00 for the bundle. 

I explain in the videos that I number my dies on the premise of "the smaller the die, the smaller the number!"

This was a lot easier before we had our fabulous Layering Circle/Oval/Square dies. 

With our new layerong dies, each layer is so close to the next one they have to be stored in two piles - see the last photographs.

Therefore, looking at the straight cut circles, the smallest die is in the middle of top left-hand side pile, that's no. 1; the next size up is in the middle of the bottom left-hand side pile, that's no.2; the next size up is the second die in the top left-hand side pile, that's no.3; and so on! 

The top pile finishes up with nos. 1,3,5,7 and the bottom pile finishes up with nos. 2, 4, 6, 8.

It would have been nice if the dies came with these numbers already marked on the dies, but it's little things like this that add to the final cost of products!!

The final photograph shows how I adhere my die cut shapes from these Layering dies. 

If you like this idea, make sure you use one colour cardstock for all the odd numbered dies and a contrasting colour for the even numbered dies! ☺

I hope you've found this useful. 

We're now off to buy our wedding outfits!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting! 



  1. Very impressive, Jan! And I can fully appreciate how very user-friendly this system would be. Wonder if I can find anything comparable here in Canada or the U.S? I'm sure there must be. I love organization and frankly cannot function or create without it, so this is brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Hi, Geraldine. I'm glad you like this idea too. One of my YT subscribers has left a message on today's video and says it's available in the US. I'm not sure if she's referring to this brand or not, but at least she has confirmed this style of file is available! Hope you find one easily. Please keep me posted on how you get on with this! Thanks. ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.

  2. Jan, your storage system of organization of dies is both unique and fabulous. It is the only way of storing dies that I have seen that appears to be a way of quickly finding the exact die that you want. You have a gift for teaching. I appreciate the exactness of how you presented the numbering of the dies. I am going to look for that storage binder online. Hope it is sold in the US. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi, Pamela. I'm so pleased ypou like this storage system. I believe you can find the exact same in the US! Let me know if it's a problem and I'll see if I can find the person who has already found it. ☺ Happy crafting. JanB.