Sunday, 19 February 2017

Bleaching Video

Hello, Crafters.

Earlier this morning, I uploaded my Bleaching Beuautiful You video. 

Bleaching is another of those techniques I really enjoy, partly because the result can't really be predicted. 

In the video I show the test I carry out before starting to create a card, even though this is no guarantee of the final result. 

This was demonstrated brilliantly with the Perfect Plum card I shared with you on Wednesday.

The image of the lady was very definitely close to Blushing Bride, although the sentiment, which was also on Perfect Plum resulted in a very bluey colour with just small areas that hinted at Blushing Bride. 

As I explained on Wednesday, I can only imagine this happened because the two pieces of cardstock must have come from different batches - I can't think of any other explanation. 

I'm surprised I allowed myself to be caught out with two doilies stuck to each other because I normally choose to use two at a time, as it makes the white whiter! 

For this project, I only needed a single doily because I was changing the colour of it anyway, but I found that I had two on the Blushing Bride card! 

At least I didn't make the same mistake on the video card, and it'll be relatively easy to go back and adhere the double doilies together! 

In all the 254 videos I've now uploaded onto YouTube, this is the second video where I had a lightbulb moment while I was actually filming. 

(I wish I could remember what the first one was). 

On this video, I said to put some SNAIL on the two ends of the ribbon, and adhere the ends round the back of the card. 

As usual it was a bit of a fiddle and didn't work properly and then the light went on!! 

I did a rewind and suggested that the SNAIL is put onto part of the ribbon that would be sitting on the front of the card.

It was so much easier and, with the aid of my Grid Paper, success was guaranteed!

On the video,I also showed the other two cards I made last Tuesday when I was experimenting with the Beautiful You Stamp Set, with mauve/purple colours and of course, bleach! 

I will explain both card in detail during the coming week.

Yesterday I was working on a lidded box that was big enough to hold ten cards and envelopes, which had been requested by one of my YouTube subscribers.

I was so pleased with the result, that I'll be making a video. 

I was thinking that, as those of you in the US have different size cards to the everywhere else (I believe?),  I could give two sets of measurements and one set of instructions so the video would be beneficial to all cardmakers, wherever they live. 

So that's the plan!

I think that about it until tomorrow. I wish you a happy Sunday and happy crafting.



  1. Loved the video, as always, Jan ... great card projects and appreciated being able to see the other ones you've done also. It's a really fun technique, isn't it? Also, I must share that I too had some reservations about the sponge rollers until I got them and now I just love them! They are just wonderful for sponging and blending and wouldn't be without them now! Thanks so much for sharing and hope you are having a great weekend too!

    1. Hi, Geraldine. I agree, it's a great technique! I'm also amazed at how easy it is to rinse the sponge rollers out as well! ☺Happy crafting, JanB.

  2. You amaze me in that you work in both metric and the other. I'm looking forward to the card box. You have so inspired me I now have more cards than I can use so I will be making some for gifts. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi, Ina. I surprise myself, too! I'm far more comfortable with inches and have to use a ruler for the conversions! A lidded box could be just what you need to give cards as a gift! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.