Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Matispa Gift Box Video

Hello, Crafters.

This morning I uploaded my video called Matispa Gift Box. 

I was asked by Sharon, my friend who looks after my finger nails, if I could make gift boxes for two of the Matis products she sells in her beauty salon. 

When I made the box, I was thrilled to find it also fits a bottle of Stampin' Up! Spray Mist, too! 

What an added bonus!

The Matis products that this box is for, are in glass bottles and are therefore, quite heavy!

When I designed the box, I added a base inside that's half an inch tall with a hole punched in it for the bottle to stand in. 

I also included a neck support, which has two purposes. 

Firstly, I designed it to hold the bottle upright and to stop it moving around. 

Without the neck support, when I picked up the box with the bottle inside, I found I clutched the box so tightly, it made the box cave in, to a certain extent, under the pressure. 

Therefore, I designed the neck support to help  prevent this from happening!

Sharon wanted mauve which meant Elegant Eggplant was the ideal choice. 
She also wanted something quite plain. 

I recommended that I did a tone on tone pattern which she was happy to accept, but as long as it wasn't anything flowery!

The boxes had to match the quiet sophistication of the Matis products - nothing garish or overly fancy. 

I added the silver ribbon which I think will be alright but I wouldn't be too surprised if Sharon says she'd rather have Elegant Eggplant ribbon instead.  

As you will have guessed, you're seeing the boxes before Sharon has seen them!

I'm so pleased to say that hubby is making progress, albeit quite slow, and felt ready to go back to work today! 

Fortunately he listened to common sense i.e. me, and has stayed at home! I doubt if I'll have the same success tomorrow.
I'm off to the hairdresser now, so I'll be gone for the rest of the morning! 

Until tomorrow, happy crafting. 



  1. Lovely little box project Jan..thank you for sharing it with us


    1. Hi, Anne. I'm glad you like the box - I was so pleased when I realised it fitted our Spray Mist Bottle! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.

  2. I love your ideas and videos!! You are an awesome person with an awesome talent!! Thanks again for sharing your ideas!!

    1. Hi, Dorcas98. Many thanks for your very kind words. They are very much appreciated. ☺☺☺ Happy crafting, JanB.