Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Perfumed Tealights' Gift Box Video

Hello, Crafters.

This morning I uploaded my video which shows how to make the gorgeous Perfumed Tealights’ Gift Box. 

It was inspired by the one I received from Linda Kasparian at the Stampin’ Up! OnStage Convention in Telford on 5th November 2016. 

Many thanks, Linda, it’s beautiful.

This is the link where Linda found her inspiration and which she asked me to share with you:   

When you visit this website, you'll be able to download a PDF that gives metric measurements.

I tried hard to convert metric measurements to inches, but really struggled to get a good fit. 

As I knew a metric PDF was easily available, I gave up trying to convert and concentrated on working out the measurements in inches.

My finished box was a tad taller than the metric box but apart from that, they're the same! 

I experimented with my own sizes and it was when I changed to using coloured cardstock (CS) instead of Whisper White CS that I really achieved success.  
I added an extra layer to my Designer Series Paper (DSP), partly because I do like my three layers and partly because it gives extra support to the box.

When I punched the little finger tabs on the side of the box, I made sure I punched the on the side I'd adhered the box tabs.
I did this because, the glued tabs give extra support to that side, which was an important consideration as this is where the box would be pulled opened and closed.

I did consider putting a window sheet under  the "window" because I think it'd make the box look more professional.

In the end I decided against it because the window could become "dirty" looking if any loose wax came into contact with it. 

The last photograph is the box Linda gave me. 

The metric sizes worked out brilliantly with Whisper White CS.

Please note the inside design inside Linda's box! 

The sentiment is Wishing You A Season Filled with WARMTH & Cheer. 

Then she has positioned the two mittens as if they are warming themselves around the candles! 

Very subltle and very clever!

That's about it for today. 

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. What a lovely little gift idea. Looks to be an uncomplicated project well worth making a few of ... I look forward to trying it, and thank you for such a well thought out and instructional video!

    1. Hi, Geraldine. I think it's one of those great little gifts that are ideal for teachers, co-workers, doctor's receptionists etc. Ooops! I think I've just talked myself into make a few more! LOL! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.