Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Kim's First Project & Folkestone Edited

PLEASE NOTE: this post has been edited. JanB.

Hello, Crafters.

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We had a lovely stroll around Folkestone yesterday before our leisurely drive home. 
Now for some photographs of Folkestone. I'm going to post the photographs and add comments to them individually. I hope you enjoy them.

Until tomorrow, happy crafting,


Burlington Hotel - this is where the Craft Retreat was held
The Metrople Hotel on the left and the Grand on the right - built by two brothers
competing with each other to see who could build the best hotel!
Look in the little "house" at the bottom of the flagpole - you can see a light.
It was designed by Yoko Ono and is continuously sending out a Morse code
message across the English Channel to France and is saying Earth Peace.
It's a memorial to everyone who has died for peace.  
Plaque that explains Morse code above and paving slab below.
The message from Yoko Ono.
All in a line - the paving slab, the plaque and the Morse code "house"
Close up of Morse code light.
Another plaque explaining the next monument (next photograph)
19,240 individually number stones representing soldiers who died on
 1st July 1916 on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.
Knitted and crocheted poppies tied to the railings
The Short Step Centenary Arch - see plague after next photograph
Arch plaque.
Under the Arch is a huge circle of paving stones which names countries
who were involved in the world wars in alphabetical order.
Folkestone Harbour with the tide going out.
This is the dog-free beach.
This is the dog-free beach looking in the opposite direction.
This is the dog-friendly beach.
This plague is on the wall leading to the dog-friendly beach! LOL!
Water fountains that children love playing in
 - they were all at school yesterday!
The water- powered funicular railway. We have just three left here
in the UK - others have been converted to electricity!
The pipes on the side of the carriage is where the water
is added/removed.I hope you've enjoyed this quick tour of Folkestone!
I hope you've enjoyed this quick tour of Folkstone. ☺


  1. You have done a beautiful job on Kim's Project and I can see just how much fun it must have been to produce! It is a really delightful decorative piece and easy to see why it was a favourite. Thank you also, for the generous, photographic tour of Folkstone. What a charming looking place to visit!

    1. Hi, Geraldine. We stopped in the harbour for a traditional English fish, chips and mushy peas lunch - the fish had been caught that morning. Can't get any fresher than that! LOL! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.

  2. Hi Jan, I loved everything about your blog today, it was most interesting...Ann in Calgary

    1. Hi, Ann. I was so interested in the Morse code and the water-powered funicular railway, I just had to share! So pleased you enjoyed it! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.

  3. Enjoy very much looking at your pictures and explaining what each picture was all about.

    1. Hi, Ka. I'm so pleased you enjoyed my Folkestone photographs - thank you. We love looking around the towns we go to for whatever reason! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.

  4. Thank you for the tour of Folkestone. I live in California, USA and I enjoy seeing other areas in this great world. You make so many super cards. Keep the tours coming.

    1. Hi, Nanci. I'm so pleased you enjoyed my quick tour of Folkestone. There were just so many points of interest there, I can understand why people go and spend a week, or two, at a time! I pleased you like my projects, too - thank you. ☺ Happy crafting. JanB

  5. Beautiful project and beautiful pictures Jan! You are so lucky to live in the UK and visit all these wonderful places. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

    1. Hi, SueB. It's funny isn't it, that the grass is always greener on the other side! I love travelling and I'm a real "tourist", can be spotted a mile off, camera slung round my neck! LOL! I often take a proper look around me when we're driving somewhere in the UK, and remind myself that our country is beautiful, too! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.

  6. lovely project. really different. loved the tour as well. cheers

    1. Hi, Pearl. Glad you like today's project and also enjoyed the quick tour round Folkestone. ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.