Sunday, 17 July 2016

Wedding Robe Card Video

Hello, Crafters.

This morning I uploaded my video that shows how to make this stunning Wedding Robe Card.
Last week I was asked if I'd show how to make a robe card and I have to confess, I'd never heard of them! 

Patricia sent me some information and I took it from there. 

It requires some patience to do it this way but well worth it!

If you want to make this card, it's quite easy to adjust the size. 

The height can be adjusted up or down, and the width can be adjusted, as long as each section is altered in equal measurements between the 0" to 4.5" and 4.5" to 9".

It would be a lot easier to make this card if you stamped a pattern onto your cardstock before you start marking, scoring and cutting.
You may notice that I have closed each card in opposite directions i.e. left over right and the other one is right over left.

The choice is totally yours!

Summer arrived for the day yesterday and is rumoured to be staying for a couple more!

This was great news for the Chipstead Village Fair & Flower Show, which was a resounding success.

The Elmore 7 race I told you about yesterday was a running race. 

We saw the runners leave and we saw them return but we don't know where they actually ran! 

The roads around the fair are very narrow country lanes, so they wouldn't be running along those! 

We imagine it must be around one of the fields a number of times. 

A lot of the runners were from very well known running clubs like the South London Harriers.

Yesterday a visitor asked me if I did wedding stationery.

I explained that I've given up doing it now, which is a shame because it's quite a lucrative business! 

The young lady's hubby-to-be was very interested in how we did our laser cuts - die cuts. 

I showed him the dies and the Big Shot in the catalogue and explained how they work. 

He was really interested!

I din't have time to watch the sheep dog in action but I did manage some photographs of the him, the sheep and Runner Ducks before the fair started.

I've also posted some photographs of my stand.

This has reminded I promised I'd find out where I bought my card stands from. 

Sorry I've been so remiss!
I'll find the information when I get back today and include it in tomorrow's blog.

We off to see our friend in Aylsbury, shortly. So happy Sunday and until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. Absolutely stunning again, Jan! Your patience is also once again, noteworthy. The recipients of this most gorgeous & unique card would be understandably thrilled! What a great card though ... always appreciate a good 'fancy-fold' card and this one is a sure-fire hit! The Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Paper absolutely makes it, along of course with the die-cuts! A M A Z I N G! And TFS!

    1. Hi, Geraldine. ☺ So pleased you like this fancy fold! Yes it did take patience but I think it's well worth it!☺☺ Happy crafting, JanB.