Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Go Wild Thank You Cards Video

Hello, Crafters.

Did you watch my recent videos on making Berry Baskets?

If you did, you would have heard me recommending that you hold onto the offcuts of the cardstock you'll finish up with.

I was referring to the strip of inverted scallops that is the negative part of the scalloped handle.

I was certain it would come in handy for something, although, at that time I didn't know what!

Today's thank you cards have used this strip to great effect.

At the time of making the Berry Baskets it didn't occur to me that it would matter whether or not the cardstock was placed on the die in a straight line. 

This is another of those things I found out the hard way!

I console myself with the thought that you'll learn by my mistakes and won't - hopefully - have to waste your time and effort learning the hard way as well! LOL!!

I posted my Go Wild Thank You Cards Video this morning so you can check out what I did and how I did it.

If you haven't made a Berry Basket yet but are planning to so you can make this card, let me tell you's very important that you lay your cardstock onto your die as straight as possible!!☺

You'll see why this is important during the video!

Not only is this card great for using up your Berry Basket leftovers, it's also useful to use up some of your Designer Series Paper (DSP) scraps.

I had quite a lot of strips of Go Wild DSP Stack left over from the little triangular boxes I made back in January. 

They were for the swap when I went to the January training that Natalie had organised.

While I was preparing for the video, I made a total of eight of these thank you cards, plus the one I made for the video, so I have a total of nine!

Photographs 1 to 5: have Berry Basket leftovers

Photographs 6 to 8: have plain strips because I ran out of leftovers

Photograph 9: has a scalloped handle.

I found all of the embellishments I used on these nine cards i.e. the flowers, hearts and the butterfly, in the Ziploc freezer bags I told you about on my blog yesterday.

If you watch the video, you'll see me empty the Tangelo Twist Ziploc bag and choose which embellishments I wanted for the Tangelo Twist card.

It saved me an awful lot of time finding suitable embellishments for nine cards, already made and ready to go.

This card layout could be used for any kind of card e.g. birthday, wedding, etc. but with a change of sentiment.

I don't think this card loses anything by having a straight strip rather than leftovers.

What do you think? Is it the kind of thing you would try? I'll look forward to receiving your feedback on this card.

Well, I'm off to work again today. Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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