Monday, 18 April 2016

Back Home

Hello, Crafters.

We had such a lovely drive home from Telford yesterday in the sunshine with minimal hold ups. We came back via Aylesbury so we could pop in and see our dear friend for a couple of hours. She took a lot of delight and interest in looking through all my 134 swaps!

I had a minor accident in our hotel room before we came back yesterday - I dropped the rubbish bin on my foot. I know that sounds really pathetic but it weighed a ton! I'd picked up the bin by holding the top of the rim and the inner bucket with one hand to move it next to my chair where I was getting ready.

Unfortunately, the inner bin slipped down through the rim and landed on my big toe. I had to  grit my teeth and keep taking deep breaths until the pain had subsided.

I finished getting ready while hubby did the packing and put everything into the car. When we went to check out, I told the staff what had happened and I said I wanted to make an official report. I'm sure my toe will be fine - it may bruise but it'll be fine. I was more concerned about the ridiculous design of the bin!

I appreciate the inner bin needs to be easy to remove for the cleaners to empty but for the rim not to actually hold the bin in anyway was an accident waiting to me!

I went back to the room to show the duty manager how it happened. She was surprised and said I was the first person to have an accident. I corrected her by saying I was the first person to report an  accident!

I was concerned that she wasn't taking it as seriously as I thought she should be - she said these bins had been in-situ without incident for about six months - so I said that if Health & Safety were involved in this, they'd be horrified. She understood!

Anyway, we're back home and really pleased to have had a good night's sleep in our own bed!

I have a quick card to show you that I made the same day I made the Grateful Bunch and Timeless Textures card I showed you on Friday (I believe). You may remember I told you I wanted to make a card using Timeless Textures Stamp Set and I'd also had Grateful Bunch sitting on my desk for a few days.

As frequently happens, I started the first card as planned but went off on a tangent as I frequently do when I'm playing. After card 1 was completed, I tried to stick to my plan and came up with card 2. This really is what I had in mind and absolutely love it.

It's very simple and really doesn't need much explanation. The smaller flowers were punched with the Blossom Bunch Punch and for the largest flower, I fussy cut it. The colours are Rose Red and Smokey Grey.

I'm planning to spend my day getting myself organised again - I wonder if I can stay out of my studio!! LOL!!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. ouch!! that sounds painful. hope it is better soon. glad your trip went well otherwise. very pretty card. cheers Jan.

    1. Hi, Pearl. It was painful at the time but as suspected, it's fine now. I was just concerned that the hotel had such dangerous bins in the rooms! Glad you like my card. ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.

  2. Hope your toe is on the mend and that the hotel takes note of what you showed them, more often than not we just shrug it off but if it fell on a child it could do serious damage
    Love the card, I have so many lined up in my head to try I think I will have to stop watching you!!!!!! no way, cheers Kaye

    1. Hi, Kaye. That's the point I was trying to get across. Most people do just shrug these things off, understandably, but when I did a "proper" job I was the Office Manager and it was my responsibility to watch out for these things. Oh dear! Wait till I start showing my swaps! LOL! ☺ Happy crafting, JanB.