Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Baby Wipe Technique

Hello, Crafters.

This morning I posted my Baby Wipe Technique video and today's photographs show the card I made during the video.

Needless to say, I didn't have a test run with my chosen colour combo. I knew which colours I wanted to use and the colours on the top of each ink pad looked good together, so I went for it. I really love the outcome.

At first, I thought my "ink pad" could do with some more Pool Party but once my card had been put together, I was really pleased with it.

I made my ink pad in a spare Stampin' Up! DVD case which will keep it moist for a few days.

I intend to experiment with it over the next three or four days to see if I can come up with other ideas!

While I was making the video, I explained that I used the Perfect White Accents for the centre of the flowers, instead of stamping some Petite Petal flowers for the centres because I thought the flowers would look too busy.

After I'd finished the video I decided to give it a try - I know, would have made more sense to experiment before the video! DOH!

Anyway the result was beautiful. I'll share the card I made soon.
In the video, I demonstrate two ways of stamping the same image.

The first way, which is how I did the flowers on this card, was to ink the stamp in a different position on the baby wipe for each flower, so each flower looks different.

I demonstrated the second method by stamping three more flowers on a spare piece of Whisper White Card Stock. This time, I placed the stamp, more or less, in the same place on the baby wipe ink pad each time. The flowers looked very similar to each other.

I don't think it matters when stamping something like flowers. But I do think it matters if you're doing something like fish or birds that have very similar markings to each other!

Again, I have another card I've made that demonstrates this perfectly and which I'll be sharing with you soon.

This is a fabulous and easy technique - I hope you give it a try. Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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