Sunday, 6 March 2016

Narrow Easter Berry Basket

Hello, Crafters.

Happy Mother's Day to all mum's in the UK today, and anywhere else that's celebrating Mother's Day today.

As I suspected yesterday, I was ready for my classes with all three instruction sheets done ........ by the skin of my teeth.

I would have been OK but the first arrivals were ten minutes early! LOL!

As always, both classes went really well.

The afternoon session overran by 1 hour 5 minutes! 

As you know, half the pleasure of classes, workshops, etc is the social side of it. Neither me nor my ladies were in a hurry so we just carried on till we had finished all three projects! 

Earlier this morning I posted my video showing how I made this delightful Narrow Easter Berry Basket.

I made the Blackberry Bliss Basket (please see last photograph) for my Berry Basket display at the Make It Show at Farnborough last weekend. 

It's very easy to change the size of the basket, either more narrow like this one or double length which I hope will be one of next week's videos!

I chose to make the basket in Real Red because that was the colour of the small chocolate Easter Eggs I had to put in it.

I was a little apprehensive because I knew I wanted to decorate the basket with yellow daffodils and I wasn't sure about red and yellow together.

But I needn't have been concerned as I think it's turned out really well.

With hindsight, I realise I shouldn't have put small leaves with the daffodils because really they have tall single leaves. 

Sorry, I'm not a gardener and I don't know the names of different shaped leaves, although I do know the different shapes have different names!

The photographs here show the first Narrow Easter Basket I made for my video, when I had some Regals Collection Candy Dots to put in the centre of each flower.

I didn't have enough for the basket I made during the video so I decided to add some smaller circles of Cajun Craze Cardstock.

It looks very similar but lacks the dimension of Candy Dots.

I had a nice surprise during the afternoon class - my daughter arrived with a bunch of flowers and some chocolates for me for Mother's Day!

We can't see each other today as hubby and I are visiting our very dear friend who's in Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

I hope you enjoy my video. Happy Sunday and until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. Happy Mother's Day Jan, hope you have a terrific one...Ann in Canada

    1. Many thanks, Ann. When is Mother's Day in Canada - is it the same as the US? Happy crafting, JanB.