Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Rabbits Photo-bomb Video

Hello, Crafters.

Good news, bad news.

I had a telephone call from the police yesterday to let us know, they have arrested one suspect for our burglary last month and he's appearing in Court today.

And they're hot on the tail of the second one!

The bad news is that I had so much trouble trying to get today's video uploaded onto YouTube.

But as always, when confronted with a problem, I persevered and won!

This is the link: Easter Rabbit Photo-bomb Card

Although yesterday's rabbit photo-bomb card was a simple card to make, I decided to make a video because I had some tips to share.

I also wanted to show what it would look like in a "non-girl" colour as it's a great Easter card for children and it'd be a shame if it was only sent to little girls.

Although I kept to pink ears, I think the Mint Macaroon is boyish enough so they could be sent one, too.  

I also show you what this card looks like if you don't use googly eyes.

I have to confess that I didn't actually plan this! It happened because I couldn't find the googly eyes when I needed them so turned it into a positive that way!!

Another unintentional tip I share with you is how to lift something that has been lightly adhered with Tombow.

As always, I leave my bloopers in my videos if I feel I could be sharing a tip with you albeit unintentionally! LOL!  

That's about it today.

Unfortunately, I'm running amazingly late.

So until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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