Sunday, 17 January 2016

Lace Trim Butterflies Video

Hello, Crafters.

This morning I posted my video called Lace Trim Butterflies which shows how I made the card I posted here on Friday. The original card was in black and gold and looked really sophisticated.

For the video I changed to Pool Party and Silver Embossing Powder - what a beautiful colour combo this is?

It would make a brilliant wedding or anniversary card in this colour. In fact this design would look great in any of our pastel colours.
The main reason I changed the colour was to make it easier for my viewers to see what I was doing.

As you probably know, I really struggle to get straight lines! When I'm planning my videos I take this into account and have to work out how I can deal with this problem on screen.

The straight lines I was concerned about in this video were the lace trims. The one on the right hand side was fine because I was able to line it up along the outside edge.
I'd worked out I needed the right hand side of the second trim 2 3/8" in from the right hand side. I explained that it's very easy to spoil the heat embossing if you go over with it with an eraser - I know, I've done it!!

As I was about to stamp, I decided to stamp right on top of my pencil marks as the embossing powder with cover it all up totally. Job done!
I eye-balled the positioning of the sentiment and was successful in stamping it straight and in a good position!
The banner looks a lot better on this card than it does on the black and gold card. This is because there is a narrow trim of silver all the way around the Pool Party.

When I trimmed the gold one I misjudged it and I had to cut both the black and the gold to the same length so they lined up! 

The detail on the lace trim stamp is absolutely amazing. I thought some of it would be lost through heat embossing but not at all..................that really does sum up the quality of Stampin' Up! stamps.

This is the first video I have included metric measurements! I was requested to do this by one of  my viewers.

Although I'm in the UK, I'm a lot more at home with feet and inches - metric is like a foreign language to me! LOL!

With the aid of my ruler, I made all the conversions and I'm confident that they are all correct. If you spot that I've made a mistake, please let me know about it ASAP so I can get it corrected!

Many thanks! ☺Happy Sunday and until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. Good Sunday Morning to you Jan, I really love the Crumb Cake version of your card. I don't have this stamp set as yet, but I see that I will have to get it. LOL...Ann

  2. Hi, Ann. I've long been a fan of white embossing on Crumb Cake - I think it's a brilliant combination. Hope it's not too long before you get your stamp set. LOL! Happy crafting, JanB ☺