Tuesday, 1 December 2015

This Week's Challenge - Tealights

Hello, Crafters.

Yesterday I was prepping for my video showing how I made the snowman and penguin tea-light characters which I showed here on Saturday.

During the process I started to think about what else I could apply this idea to! Here are two that I came up with - baubles and butterflies.

Battery-operated tea-lights aren't just for Christmas!! More ideas followed e.g. snowflakes, flowers, individual letters to spell out a name (for a birthday).

All of a sudden the possibilities seem endless!

Therefore my challenge this week is for different ideas for using battery-operated tea-lights. I'm setting one restriction for myself with this challenge!

That is, I'm not allowed to come up with an idea that is basically the same as this i.e. another cut-out image that stands up in the same way as these do. For example, other characters, cars, seashells, etc.

Ideally I need a 3/8" hand held punch for the holes in the centre of the base circles and the display image. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find one anywhere on the internet.

I've found the normal punches but the hole reach doesn't go far enough. If anyone knows where I can get one, I'd be really grateful if you'd let me have the details.

With the butterflies I'm showing here, I have adhered the whole butterfly down on one tea-light and just down the body on the other one. I think they look good both ways.

I still need to add some finishing touches to these three. I want to add a bauble topper and bow to the bauble and I'm going to try and add some antennae to the butterflies.

I'm hoping to feature these when I make the video today but it depends on time!

So, until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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