Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Two Videos Prepared

Hello, Crafters.

Yesterday I made two videos so I can still post as normal while I'm in Brussels from Thursday.

I'll upload, then edit them as soon as possible so I'll be able to tick them off my to do list.

I still have a bow to add to my 100 swaps, plus adhering a list of "ingredients" used and my contact details to the back of each one before popping them into cellophane bags!

The video I'll be posting tomorrow is the Penguin With Antlers I showed you as part of last week's challenge.

Needless to say, since I showed you that one, I've made a couple of others. One of them is the snowman with antlers!

The antlers is from the Wonderland Stamp Set and the penguin et al is from Snow Place.

This is a great stamp set with many accessories so there's no limit to the amount of characters/outfits you could use for this card.

In the video I've pointed out a couple of extra tips that applied when I made the snowman.

The first is to put some scrap paper down so not all the snowman gets stamped onto the card stock.

The reason for this is in case the image comes right to the edge of the sheet - which is the middle layer - and shows when you adhere the top layer.

This isn't necessary with the penguin but I still used the scrap.........just in case! LOL!

The second tip was how I measured the tie so it fit the snowman.

Bear in mind that when I ordered the stamp set, I forgot to order the matching dies! DOH!

Therefore I have to fussy cut the accessories.

It isn't a huge problem because they are all quite basic shapes.

Anyway, I found the tie was way, way too big for the snowman and needed to be cut down.

In the video I showed how I did this.

In the video, I changed how I did the penguin's flippers and I'm much happier with them like this.

Compare this penguin with the one I posted here last week.

 I have to dash - I'm off to work today!

 Until tomorrow, happy crafting,


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