Sunday, 15 November 2015

OnStage Brussels - Day 3

Hello, Crafters.

I have just posted today's video called: Stormy Lighthouse please see the last photograph.

IThis is the card I made for hubby's birthday after I saw it on Pinterest.

I thought it was such a brilliant idea. 

It was made by Heather at

Convention is over! As always, I'll be going home absolutely buzzing with ideas and raring to get going again in my studio.

Yesterday, the Convention was started by Sara Douglass with a minute's silence for all the people who lost their lives in Paris on Friday evening.

The morning session lasted just two hours because we'd had time first to play with the other three sets of new products we'd missed the previous day.

During the general session we had two WOW demonstrations which really were WOW.

I will certainly be having a go at both ideas.

We were also treated to a demonstration from Axel, European Director and it was hilarious!

We also had the final Prize Patrol and two more all attendee giveaways.

This was another stamp set from the forth- coming Spring catalogue and another paper stack from the annual catalogue.

So the total of the product haul I'll be going home with is three new stamp sets and two paper stacks: Pretty Petals and Go Wild.

I met up with hubby at lunchtime yesterday when Convention had finished and we made our way to the railway station.

We were off to the Atomium which was a train ride away near the Heysel Stadium. 

The lift that takes you to the top is the fastest in Europe and travels at 5m per second. 

The second photograph was taken from inside the lift looking up!

The fourth photograph shows one of the escalators that go from one sphere to another - boy, was it a long way down!

Other interesting figures: diameter of the spheres is 18m; diameter of the tubes 3m30; length of the tubes 26m; total height 102m.

It has been organised brilliantly so it's easy to know which way to go so you don't miss any of the displays.

We couldn't find details of what the red  sculpture outside the Atomium represented - maybe we didn't look properly because it was cold and raining! I'll have to google it!

If you're ever in Brussels I really recommend that you make the time to visit the Atomium.

Tomorrow, I'll be writing to you from the comfort of home, where we have decent internet connection!

What I've had to work with here in Belgium has caused a lot of frustration but I didn't let it beat me! ☺

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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