Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Chocolate Pull-up Box Video is Snow Place Project No. 2

Hello, Crafters.

I have just posted today's video and I've called it: Chocolate Pull-up Box.

I don't know if it has another name.

It was inspired by a swap I received at the Onstage Convention in Brussels two weeks ago, which had been made by Elodie Ventroux.

This is such an amazingly easy project and always gets a WOW from the recipient when they pull on the ribbon and see a bar of chocolate emerging from the box.

This box doesn't have to be restricted to a bar of chocolate.

It could hold a small diary, address book, note book, etc.

Anything in fact that isn't too heavy for the ribbon and therefore, likely to tear the ribbon holes.

At the beginning of the video, I explain how to calculate the size of card stock or Designer Series Paper you would need for the size of whatever goody it is you're going to be putting into your pull-up box.

Obviously you'd need to work out for yourself where to score but all you need to remember is the size of the small "seam" then:

1). Across the horizontal length score at the mark that shows the height you need - the remaining card stock should be the width of your seam.

2). Across the vertical width, you have a choice.

You score at the first mark that indicates your required width, then add on the size of your seam and score.

Then add your width and score, then add your seam width and score. T

hen repeat this last step again.

This is the easiest way for me to explain this but, unlike my box, you seam will be adhered at the edge of you box, unlike mine which is down the back of the box.

Your other choice is to email me and I'll work it out for you

As I say at the end of all my videos, if you have any questions, please ask - I'm always happy to help. ☺

I used Cherry Cobbler Seam Binding for my ribbon but this is a retired product.

If you don't have any Cherry Cobber Ribbon in your stash, I suggest you use white. 
I've had to fussy cut my penguin and the hat as I forgot to order the stamp set and dies as a bundle to save 15%! DOH!!

Although Christmas is looming up very quickly, I've ordered the dies because they are being carried forward when the Christmas catalogue expires on 5th January 2016.  

I was going to stamp and fussy cut the scarf for my penguin but I decided to use some of our striped ribbon for his neck, just by way of a change.

The sentiment is from the stamp set called A Little Something which is now on the Retiring List.

The bars of chocolate I modelled this box around were some I brought back with me from my recent visit to Brussels! YUMMY!

That's about it for today. Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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