Monday, 23 November 2015

Back into my routine!

Hello, Crafters.

I hope you all had a great weekend and that Thanksgiving celebrations in the US went well, too.
This morning I started watching a Stampin' Up! webinar on time management. I have to confess that this is an area I really need to do something about! I feel as if I have a million and one things that I'd like to or need to do but I'm just treading water! Watching it first thing in the morning is proof - if proof is needed! - that I really must do something about it! So I've paused the video and will sit and watch it while I'm relaxing having my lunch!
It's funny how these things appear at the right time. I had told hubby that as from today, I'm getting back into my normal routine! When we were talking about it, little did I realise it would also include doing something about my time management!
Yesterday we went to see our good friend Liz in Buckinghamshire. Although it was freezing cold, the sun was shining and the sky was blue - it was such lovely drive. When we saw Liz last time she asked if I'd take my cards up with me so she could have a look through them. She chose what she wanted and ordered two more money bags, two more handbag gift card holders and a personalised 90th birthday card for her friend, who is also called Liz.

My list of orders is growing - again this webinar has come at a great time! As I said yesterday, I'm also starting to do my weekly challenge again.  

The photographs show a handbag gift card holder similar to the ones Liz has ordered. The money bag is the same, but with the bird from the Bird Builder Punch.

Therefore my plans for today is to work my way through my list of orders! Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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