Sunday, 11 October 2015

Today's Video - Snowman Shaker Card

Hello, Crafters.

As promised I have just uploaded my video showing how to make yesterday's Snowman Shaker Card.
I have another card to show you that is another snow globe card. It was actually the first one I made but I had a problem with it.

I put it on one side until I had time to correct! Unfortunately, I didn't take a photograph of what went wrong! DOH! So I will have to explain!

Everything you see about this card, with the exception of the snowman image,is what my card looked liked.

If you compare this card with the first snow globe card I posted last week (see photograph no. 3), you'll see the layout and colours (although reversed) are the same.

Underneath the snowman I had stamped the reindeer from the White Christmas Stamp Set using Soft Suede Ink. On top of the reindeer and the globe area, I applied Crystal Effects and allowed it to dry.

I forgot that the ink I'd used was water-based and applying the Crystal Effects caused the ink to run very slightly causing a hazy outline!

I kept looking at the image wondering if it looked like an effect that may have been created to look like that on purpose! 

Unfortunately, my best critic, hubby, was at work. At the end of the day, I knew it was wrong so it had to be covered up!

If you look at the right hand edge, you can see where the new image curves round slightly.

I couldn't use this as a challenge card because there isn't a feature that makes it a special card........except for the fact that there's a hazy looking reindeer lurking underneath the snowman! LOL!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


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