Monday, 5 October 2015

Out of my comfort zone!

Hello, Crafters.

I hope you've had a great weekend.

Yesterday I made a video which one of my YouTube subscriber's requested.

Kay enjoyed my video called Dazzling Diamond Baubles and asked if I could make a video showing exactly how I made the beaded tassels. 

I think if one person would like to see, there are bound to be others!

Obviously this isn't my regular kind of video but it's not a bad idea to move out of our comfort zones once in a while!

Thanks for the request, Kay.

I was also out of my comfort zone at our team training three weeks ago.

We finish our day's training making some pre-set projects, although we are encouraged to put our own spin on them.

I only made one card although with we were all given materials to make more.

Part of the pleasure I receive from team training is having the opportunity to catch up with other demonstrators, learn from their successes, pick up hints and tips and just generally enjoy the atmosphere of a Stampin' Up! group get-together.

Although this card is not my normal style, once I'd finished and had a proper look at it, I was quite pleased with the result.

I wondered what I didn't like about this style?

And I didn't really have an answer! LOL!

The only very minor criticism I could think of was that I do prefer my cards layered and this card only has a layer on the bottom half.

But given all the layers on the card - trees, doilies, banners, etc - I really don't think that's much of a valid argument.

The big question is: will I start making more cards in this style?

And I have to say, as nice as this card is, probably not!

Whilst I was working on today's blog, I realised I haven't shared the Show'n'Tell projects from training.

I'll work on getting that ready for next Monday.

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.



  1. I think it's pretty JanB, but your rite it's not your norm ! Lol
    Hugs Frenchie H

    1. LOL! You're certainly not wrong there, Frenchie! ☺ JanB.