Friday, 4 September 2015

Day 1 - Creative Crafts Show, Sandown Park

Hello, Crafters.

Oh, what a lovely day Natalie and I had yesterday at the Creative Crafts Show at Sandown Park.

Most people were happy to stop and talk, and the reaction we received was very varied but all positive.

Some people wanted to know more abut being a demonstrator, several wanted to know more about our classes, some bought catalogues and some want to hold workshops.

Our stand looked impressive with the selection of projects we had on display. The visitors were very interested in the kits, most of which we had with us.

The Christmas Wreath I had made from the kit that's featured on page 6 of the new Christmas catalogue, was very popular.

The instructions that come with the kit says to curl the leaves slightly but I wanted to curl mine a lot!

This is one of the beauties of Stampin' Up! Kits, you don't have to put them together as per the instructions that come with them - you can put you own spin on them!

Before I started to put my wreath together, I knew that by curling them a lot, I wouldn't have enough to go all the way round.

I was happy with that because my plan was to wrap some of the 2 metres of Burlap that came with the kit, round the remaining exposed white polystyrene area of the wreath.

It worked out brilliantly. I also put another 5 - 6 inches of the Burlap across the back at the top as a handle, ready for hanging. 

Then I made two smallish bows with the Cherry Cobbler Ribbon from the kit and adhered on opposite sides of the wreath and then made a larger bow for the top.
The final photograph is Natalie getting a much needed massage at the end of the day! Way to go, Natalie!

Well, I'd better get my skates on and get off to Sandown for day 2.

Until tomorrow, happy crafting!



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